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Strength Training is Our Armor and Defense Against Disease

chfitness8Everyone knows that our muscles are necessary for body strength…but not everyone realizes that our muscles serve as our armor and defense against disease.

Once we discover that our muscular system actually makes up 50 percent of our body weight it is easier to grasp the fact that any unnecessary loss of muscle is critical to our bodies overall disease protection.

The strength of the muscular system is interconnected with the immune system functions and any reduction in physical conditioning means weakening of this system. Since the immune system is responsible for protecting us from illness and fighting off infection and foreign invaders this leaves us in a vulnerable position in regards to our health. Continue reading

Allium and Cruciferous Vegetables for Cancer Prevention

garlic1Most people are not aware that there are thousands of peer-reviewed studies proving that the phyto-nutrients found in plants have the power to reverse and or prevent cancer.

Unless you are searching out this information yourself these studies for the most part lay silent and deaf to your ears because the pharmaceutical industry has not figured out a way to extract these compounds and turn them into profit so they are simply ignored.

A study that was conducted and published in Food Chemistry back in 2009 was a comparative study on the anti-proliferate and antioxidant activities of some of the more common vegetables that are found on the dinner table.

Researchers focused in on the inhibitory effects of 34 vegetable… Continue reading

Exercise is the Best Preventive Medicine

ST1Equipped with a high-powered immune system and intracellular anti-oxidant defense system, the body is truly a disease killing machine when operating at peak performance.

Unfortunately for most people it isn’t.

Rather than teaching people how to cure disease (so much money spent yearly on research) we need to be educating people on how to prevent disease. Continue reading

Vitamin C and Cancer

cancerpreventionMost people are aware of the important role that vitamin D plays in overall health but many are not aware of how vitamin C works to prevent cancer.

Vitamin C is a known antioxidant, easily mopping up and relieving us of dangerous free radicals. An antioxidant like vitamin C is a molecule that has free electrons to donate. You might think of it as a particle with extra information to offer. It works to disarm harmful oxidants by giving them one of its free electrons making them stable and no longer any danger to your body. Continue reading

Potent Power of Brussel Sprouts

brusselsIf you’re searching for the “perfect” food that is nutrient dense, tasty and easy to prepare, a rich source of antioxidants and phytochemicals (proven to fight cancer), look no further than under-appreciated Brussel sprout.

Although originally native to Belgium, they are now cultivated throughout Europe and the U.S. with nearly all U.S. Brussels sprouts now grown in California.

Brussels sprouts are an important dietary source of many vitamins and antioxidants including vitamins A and C, the mineral manganese, flavonoid antioxidants like isorhnnetin, quercitin, and kaempferol, as well as antioxidants caffeic acid and ferulic acid. They help us prevent chronic, excessive inflammation through a variety of nutrient benefits like their glucosinolate content. Continue reading

The “Power of Choice” in Cancer Prevention

cancer reportIt is true that advance treatments for cancer are reducing suffering and saving lives. Unfortunately, despite the many advances in science, cancer will not nor can it be beaten by treatments alone.

“The World Cancer Report” published about once every 5 years involves collaboration between 250 scientists from more than 40 countries. The most recent report released earlier in 2014 reported that in twenty years there will be more than 20 million new cancer cases per year. That’s 20 million per year not all totaled! Cancer is on the rise and the greatest impact is expected to hit low and middle income countries.

Although there are a still a few cancers that are poorly understood such as brain cancer, most of the knowledge we presently have about this disease tells us that nearly all adult cancers are a result of personal choices. In other words…they are the consequence of our lifestyles. Continue reading

Strong Muscles Fight Off Cancer

strength training and cancerStudies have proven that strength training is every bit as important to protecting your body against diseases such as cancer as your healthy diet is to staying slim.

One benefit of exercising and strengthening your muscles is that it lowers your insulin levels which in turn are one of the most important ways to reduce your cancer risk.
Continue reading

Understanding Leptin Resistance

letptin resistanceLeptin resistance is very similar to insulin resistance. Chronic levels of leptin decrease the hypothalamus sensitivity to leptin.

Leptin resistance is a chemical problem that needs addressing with proper exercise and healthy eating.

Although leptin resistance is a frontier science there are a few basic things you can do to prevent yourself becoming leptin resistant while we wait for further research to be done.

Avoid high density foods: Any food that are high in calories promote elevated leptin. High density foods have a very high ratio of calories and energy to their total volume. Processed food, fried food, cheesecake, ice-cream, pizza, candies and concentrated sugar drinks all fall in this category. Continue reading

Fight Cancer With A Strong Body Not A Weak One

cancer freeIt wasn’t that long ago that “sick” patients were told not to exercise in order to avoid too much strain on an ill body. Over the years however studies have proven that this advice is not only wrong it is detrimental to improving our health.

It used to be that if you had a bad heart, exercise was deemed a bad thing. The fear was that another heart attack would be caused by the exercising. It has since been proven that the only way to build a strong heart is through exercise…not avoiding it. Even after a heart attack, the heart muscle needs to be strengthened through proper exercise to help avoid further attacks. Continue reading

Why Does Cancer Continue to Kill?

lady walkingCancer, the word strikes fear into hearts everywhere. Almost everyone is affected in one way or another –whether it’s a family member, a friend, a co-worker or maybe even you. Each one of us could tell a personal story about how it has changed the course of our lives in some manner.

What’s really frightening about this villainous disease is that by the age 65 the average person has a one-in-two chance of getting cancer and a one-in-three chance of dying from it. And those are the statistics after billions have been spent on research!

The fact remains: cancer is just as deadly now as it was 20, 30, or even 50 years ago. Continue reading