Proper Exercise Is Vital If You Want To Keep Cancer From Knocking At Your Door


That awful “C” word cancer is among the most important causes of death in our world. This frightening disease is one that can cause great suffering to its victims and their families who watch on in despair. Although a large number of people that succumb to this disease are around mid-life cancer is not an inevitable consequence of aging.

There is now a growing consensus shared by scientists and health professionals that there is a strong relationship between lifestyle habits such as the quality of our food and nutrition and the health of our metabolism (our body’s engine) and the risk of cancer.

One of the important factors that have been uncovered is the state of our body composition (muscle/fat ratio) which is influenced by the type of physical activity we do.

The news that most of us do not do enough proper exercise to keep our muscular system strong is really no surprise, but experts say our levels of inactivity have become so bad we are seriously threatening our good health.

A recent poll showed that four in five of us are not doing enough proper exercise to stay healthy – and one in four does no intentional exercise at all. The situation has become so bad that health experts say we could be losing years off our lives through increased risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and literally dozens of other nasty modern day villains.

New research makes a strong case for proper exercise that works our muscles directly as a way to help prevent cancer both for men and women. Those that have a strong muscular system from regular strength training exercise are up to 40 percent less likely to die from cancer. The findings suggest that muscular strength is as important as staying slim and eating a healthy diet when it comes to protection against deadly tumors.

In our inactive and largely sedentary modern world working our muscles is becoming increasingly rare both in our jobs and in our leisure time. We seem to want to believe that it does not matter. But it matters hugely as the human body is dependent on the signals sent from working muscles to stimulate the release of the ‘growth and repair’ hormones that not only keep the entire body strong and healthy they are necessary to keep the immune system strong as well.

If our muscular system is allowed to grow weak and flabby it drags the health down of other systems as well. The last thing you want is a faltering immune system as this is our body’s defense and amour against the modern day chronic diseases that stalk and are part and parcel of our sedentary lifestyles.

So, to make sure you will not be a victim of this frightening disease get yourself started on a proper strength training program and never stop. Get some help from a fitness professional at your local gym or fitness center if necessary to get yourself started. Just 2-3 sessions each week of 30-40 minutes is all it takes if you have the right program.

Forget the silly notion that your muscles are just for looks. They are essential for the healthy functioning of the immune system and the ability to withstand, fight and also recover from disease. Put them to work for you and become stronger, healthier and with a better quality of life than before you started your program.

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