Exercise is the Best Preventive Medicine


ST1Equipped with a high-powered immune system and intracellular anti-oxidant defense system, the body is truly a disease killing machine when operating at peak performance.

Unfortunately for most people it isn’t.

Rather than teaching people how to cure disease (so much money spent yearly on research) we need to be educating people on how to prevent disease.

And at the top of disease prevention list is proper exercise…the kind that challenges our muscles.

Research shows that 8 out of 10 people fail to get enough physical activity. Unlike our ancestors we no longer have challenging exercise built in to our daily activities (except for the rare manual laborer). We must consciously make it a priority in our lives if we want to enjoy the benefits that challenging strength training exercise can provide in the way of disease prevention.

Exercise is one of the few activities that improves every aspect of your life, body and mind. It provides strength to the weak, energy to the tired, health to the ill and youthfulness to older citizens.

Exercise needs to be a priority because if it is not made a priority it becomes a burden in our minds…just too much work and we end up not bothering at all.

It’s amazing that people seem to know intellectually that proper exercise is the key to health and yet few take the proper steps to put it into action, make a commitment and make it a priority.

There needs to be a serious shifting of perceptions and attitudes toward health and fitness. We need to focus on how regular exercise improves our lives. The only way you’ll ever take yourself seriously and your exercise seriously is by shifting your attitude towards exercise beyond “exercise being an option” to “exercise being high on your priority list.” If your belief system is convincing you that exercise is an option then making it a priority will never happen.

Truth is, challenging exercise is not an option…nor is it a luxury item. It is a necessity if you want to live a long life and enjoy vibrant health along with it.

With all the knowledge that is being revealed about disease prevention from scientific studies those of us who are lucky enough to live in the 21st century need to take these findings seriously and give our bodies and immune systems the ammunition they need.

No one says it’s going to be easy to drop some of the destructive habits and mental conditioning that you’ve lived with all your life. But the choices are slim. You either pay the piper in the future for your destructive habits now or you develop healthy habits now and enjoy the fruits of your labor as health, vitality and long life. It’s always your choice.

What do you think is harder to do? Consciously break your bad eating and exercise habits now or endure joint replacement, open heart surgery or cancer treatment in the future?

Your health is something you cannot pawn off on anyone else. No doctor, surgical procedure or drug can build you a strong, lean, healthy body…one that is disease resistant. You and you alone are responsible for that.

You must be proactive in creating vibrant health today. Don’t wait for disease to set in before you take it seriously. It is far easier to retain your good health than it is to have to rebuild it.

Proper exercise combined with healthy eating habits is your best investment ever for it’s the only investment that provides stellar health and no amount of money in any bank can do that.

Your choice is to become a statistic or begin now to take an active role in preventing killer diseases and increasing longevity. Every choice you make…every decision you make daily concerning food and exercise is either contributing to or destroying your health and your body.

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