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Exercise for Cancer Prevention

physical activity and cancerThere’s no denying it now, studies have shown that exercise is a very important factor in guarding you against the many types of cancer.

Most cancers are caused by lifestyle factors…not genes. What this means to you is that you can take steps to prevent the chance of cancer appearing in your life.

It’s a sad truth but up to 1/3 of cancer related deaths are caused by obesity and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Physical activity lowers the risk by preventing obesity, reducing inflammation, improving insulin resistance and improving immune system function. Continue reading

Eat Your Veggies for Anti-aging Properties

antioxidantsStudies show that a diet high in antioxidants slows down the signs of aging. And, that’s not the only benefit of a diet high in antioxidants; it is also linked with lowering risks of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

There’s simply no reason to pop excess pills and vitamins in order to jump on the anti-aging band wagon.

Nature provides all you need in fresh foods naturally and they don’t come in a bottle or a compressed into a pill. The very best anti-aging products are grown not produced; nature provides all we need by way of anti-aging foods she generously provides. Continue reading

Strong Muscles Fight Off Cancer

strength training and cancerStudies have proven that strength training is every bit as important to protecting your body against diseases such as cancer as your healthy diet is to staying slim.

One benefit of exercising and strengthening your muscles is that it lowers your insulin levels which in turn are one of the most important ways to reduce your cancer risk.
Continue reading

Understanding Leptin Resistance

letptin resistanceLeptin resistance is very similar to insulin resistance. Chronic levels of leptin decrease the hypothalamus sensitivity to leptin.

Leptin resistance is a chemical problem that needs addressing with proper exercise and healthy eating.

Although leptin resistance is a frontier science there are a few basic things you can do to prevent yourself becoming leptin resistant while we wait for further research to be done.

Avoid high density foods: Any food that are high in calories promote elevated leptin. High density foods have a very high ratio of calories and energy to their total volume. Processed food, fried food, cheesecake, ice-cream, pizza, candies and concentrated sugar drinks all fall in this category. Continue reading

You Can Live A Fully Functional Life

no cancerAn important health goal that we should all be focusing on is to increase the span of living a healthy, fully functional life for as along as possible and that means avoiding disease such as Cancer.

It’s not secret that proper exercise is one of the main contributors towards this goal. In fact, it is not only a main contributor, but it is crucial to warding off ‘old age’. Bottom line is, lifestyle habits that include proper exercising and nutrition can either speed up or reverse disease and aging.

There are two choices in life for all of us. We can either take active roles in our health care or we can become static on our lives. No matter what age we are, it is never too late to make positive changes and reclaim great health. Continue reading