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Don’t Use Disease as an Excuse…

balanceDo you view disease as an obstacle to your physical activity? Is it your handy “way-out” when you need an excuse not to exercise?

The last thing you think about doing when sick or not feeling well is starting a workout routine and yet this is the one thing that stands to have a hugely positive impact on not only your physical well-being, but on your mental and emotional well-being as well.

If you are presently hampered with health issues and you’re not including regular strength training exercises in your weekly routines, you are missing out on some serious assistance to getting your health back on track both long-term and short-term. Continue reading

Strong Muscles Fight Off Cancer

strength training and cancerStudies have proven that strength training is every bit as important to protecting your body against diseases such as cancer as your healthy diet is to staying slim.

One benefit of exercising and strengthening your muscles is that it lowers your insulin levels which in turn are one of the most important ways to reduce your cancer risk.
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The Best Self Health Investment Of A Lifetime – Your Own Health

Throughout our working years we are generally concerned about saving money and investing it wisely so we can have financial security when our working life is over. Yet few of us plan for our health and wellness just when we will need it the most. Somehow we believe that whether we remain well or if we go down a path of disease and illness is merely the result of “Lady Luck’ or fate.

We do not seem to accept the things we do and do not do particularly in the way of healthy eating and proper exercise over the years in the end impacts on whether our health span matches our life span.

With the wealth of information available no… Continue reading

The Best Time Of The Day To Exercise

best time of day to exerciseWe are all so busy these days – rushing around often hardly having time to catch our breath. The last thing on our mind is making time to exercise and we seem to have no qualms about using our lack of time as an excuse not to do it.

But what if we improved our time management so we can fit in just two sessions each week of a proper efficient strengthening exercise program? Think of the benefits to our physical, mental and emotional health and well-being we would receive.

And the best time to do it? It’s first thing in the morning of course and here are 10 darn good reasons why it is the best time. Continue reading

Where Are You With Your Fitness And Weight Loss Goals – Results Or Excuses?

We would have to have been living under a rock for the last decade or two not to know that we all need to include proper exercise in our sedentary and inactive modern day lives. Although we know this we still find excuses not to do it and are aware that this is keeping us from living our best life.

We also know that physical activity is necessary to protect us from premature and preventable disease and can help ensure we do not succumb to an early demise. Yet we may wonder why that we always find excuses that keep us from our exercise program despite the fact that we yearn to be strong, fit and healthy?

It seems for… Continue reading

Fat and It’s Relation to Cancer

fat_picIt’s no secret that one of the main drivers of cancer is us becoming overweight. It is bad enough that the fat stomachs, love handles, and big thighs and hips are not attractive, but the fat inside of the body is the real problem.

A key to preventing disease is to keep your body composition…your muscle and fat ratio at a healthy level.

Although most of us easily recognize when we are overweight, there is another hidden type of fat that is not so obvious called visceral fat that can only be detected with body imaging such as an MRI scan. Continue reading

Dangerous Fat Tucked Away Inside Your Body Can Increase Your Cancer Risk

That word – cancer strikes the very fear of God in to us. No matter what type or stage it is still lumped under one heading of being an unrelenting and unstoppable villain. The older we get the more fearful we become as we see family members, friends and people we know and hear about fall victim and have their lives changed forever.

We would not be human if we did not occasionally wonder if cancer is something that we might get and the fate meant for us. We tend to think of it as being a matter of luck and something we have no control over. Yet we now know that 90 percent of all cancer is preventable so… Continue reading

Proper Exercise Is Vital If You Want To Keep Cancer From Knocking At Your Door

That awful “C” word cancer is among the most important causes of death in our world. This frightening disease is one that can cause great suffering to its victims and their families who watch on in despair. Although a large number of people that succumb to this disease are around mid-life cancer is not an inevitable consequence of aging.

There is now a growing consensus shared by scientists and health professionals that there is a strong relationship between lifestyle habits such as the quality of our food and nutrition and the health of our metabolism (our body’s engine) and the risk of cancer.

One of the important factors that have been uncovered is the state of our body composition (muscle/fat… Continue reading

Why Does Cancer Continue to Kill?

lady walkingCancer, the word strikes fear into hearts everywhere. Almost everyone is affected in one way or another –whether it’s a family member, a friend, a co-worker or maybe even you. Each one of us could tell a personal story about how it has changed the course of our lives in some manner.

What’s really frightening about this villainous disease is that by the age 65 the average person has a one-in-two chance of getting cancer and a one-in-three chance of dying from it. And those are the statistics after billions have been spent on research!

The fact remains: cancer is just as deadly now as it was 20, 30, or even 50 years ago. Continue reading

Love Your Mind and Body Now

Between rushing off to work, taking care of family needs, kids and life in general, it is hard to find time to enjoy just being and taking special care of “me” these days. The demands of life continue to be outside of ourselves; we simply don’t take the time to nurture ourselves, our bodies and our minds.

However when you examine how you spend your time, when you examine your daily choices and re-prioritize your life to include the basics that your body and mind require for health and well-being you begin to enjoy life at another level, you begin to life at the fullest.

When you stop for a moment and look at the big picture you suddenly realize… Continue reading