Strength Training is Our Armor and Defense Against Disease


chfitness8Everyone knows that our muscles are necessary for body strength…but not everyone realizes that our muscles serve as our armor and defense against disease.

Once we discover that our muscular system actually makes up 50 percent of our body weight it is easier to grasp the fact that any unnecessary loss of muscle is critical to our bodies overall disease protection.

The strength of the muscular system is interconnected with the immune system functions and any reduction in physical conditioning means weakening of this system. Since the immune system is responsible for protecting us from illness and fighting off infection and foreign invaders this leaves us in a vulnerable position in regards to our health.

Our muscles are also the storage sites for the proteins needed to produce anti-bodies, white blood cells and killer cells that detect and destroy lethal cancer cells. Exercise that engages the muscles directly helps keep our hormone levels healthy which is important as high levels of certain hormones can increase cancer risk.

Muscles are also the storage site for the amino acid glutamine and other proteins that are immune systems fuel source. The more toned strong muscles tissue you have, the greater the supply is and the more protection you have. If you do happen to get sick having plenty of stored protein means there is a reserve to be called upon when needed to help fight and recover from illness.

Unfortunately our precious muscle tissue begins its decline in our mid-twenties…at a rate of one half pound per year. If we do not address this issue, it continues its steady decline throughout our adult years and worse yet…it doubles after age 50 and by the time we reach age 80 if we have not worked at keeping our body strength, we find that we have lost as much as 50 percent of it.

A strong muscular body is without a doubt the greatest asset you have against disease. If you truly want to reduce the risk of cancer in your own life it is vital that your muscular system be kept strong, healthy and vital…with proper muscle building and maintaining activity. Not only will it work to reduce your risk of being a cancer victim, but it reduces the risk of other life threatening diseases as well.

However, here’s the key…

It needs to be proper exercise. That means the kind of exercise that works against disease is one that challenges and works the major muscles through their ranges of movement under an adequate load so that strength is built or maintained.

Although being active throughout the day doing your chores like washing the car, housework and gardening is admirable…it does not replace proper strength training exercise. Neither does physical activity like walking, cycling swimming or any other cardio type of high repetition, long duration, low intensity activity. These are all considered recreational activities and although they do have their place in your life they are not a suitable replacement for building strong healthy muscles.

Don’t sit around and wait for cancer or some other life threatening disease to strike.

Be proactive…literally, and begin a proper disease preventing strength training program. When exercising correctly the risk of reduction is staggering…believe it or not…an estimated 50 percent cancer risk reduction.

How’s that for a return on your time investment?

If you place a premium on exceptional health and have concerns about cancer then my “Just Say No To Cancer” program can help you. Cancer is a monstrous threat and merciless killer but most cancer is avoidable…you just need to take the proper actions.