Empower Yourself Against Cancer


chfitness6If you believe there is nothing you can personally do to prevent cancer…think again.

Nearly 70% of those who get cancer experience it as a lifesyle disease and research studies show that out of all those who die from cancer annually, approximately 1/3 are 100% preventable and another 1/3 are preventable with early detection and proper treatment.

Those numbers are very revealing…they prove that we are empowered to reduce cancer risk by up to 2/3.

Simple easy ways to cancer proof your body that you can adopt immediately:

Enjoy dark green leafy veggies: The darker the color, the more nutrients they contain; the deeper and richer the color the more magnesium-rich chlorophyll they provide. You can steam or sauté them lightly or simply mix them into an already antioxidant rich salad.

Get in the sun: Vitamin D-3 is a powerhouse against many forms of cancer…including skin and breast cancers. It even aids in the battle against melanoma skin cancer. Simply expose your skin (free of any lotions) for up to 20 minutes in the morning hours before 11 a.m. If you are going to be out longer than that put on some sunscreen and hat. If your local weather prevents you from getting sun you may have to consider a vitamin D-3 supplement.

Participate in challenging exercise: Obesity is directly linked to approximately 20% of female cancer deaths and 14% of male cancer deaths. Studies have proven that women who exercised at least 30 minutes daily decreases ovarian cancer risk by 30%. Exercising also keeps your digestive system working properly removing waste at a faster more efficient rate.

Bad habits: Give up your destructive habits and form constructive ones. How can you expect your body to heal itself or even prevent cancer if you are preforming habits daily that promote it? Smoking is a prime example…it has been proven over and over to cause cancer yet people still participate in this damaging habit. It’s truly amazing how the body bounces back if you just take the first step and quit. Within 8 hours of giving up the nicotine in your blood drops more than 90% according to WhyQuit.com Recovery Table. Furthermore, within 12 hours blood oxygen levels return to normal, 48 hours damaged nerves start the repair and regenerate process and in 72 hours you are nicotine-free and your lungs begin to relax and function improves.

After a year the risk of heart disease and stroke plummets to half that of a smoker and after 15 years the body reflects the disease risk of someone who never smoked.

Learn to Listen: Stop separating yourself from your body and start listening to the clues that it is constantly sending about its needs or discomforts. Pay attention, look in the mirror and know yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Develop a strong relationship with your health care provider and make sure they listen to you.

Center yourself: Stress causes disease. If you are in a constant battle with your mind over what is “good and bad” you will never find peace. A mind that is in chaos disrupts the gentle flow of energy throughout the body and this in turn causes disease. There are plenty of healthy methods to “find yourself” …to find the center of your being and commune with this center. Yoga and meditation…both closely related are two examples and there are many methods within those examples. Be proactive and find your perfect solution.

Give up dangerous cancerous habits such as smoking, adopt a healthy diet, maintain a healthy balanced weight, and get the proper exercise…these are all key to avoiding cancer and other life destroying diseases.

You can avoid cancer…but you must step to the plate and empower yourself. No one can do this for you.

If you place a premium on exceptional health and have concerns about cancer then my “Just Say No To Cancer” program can help you. Cancer is a monstrous threat and merciless killer but most cancer can be avoided with the right information and help.