Monthly Archives: February 2015

Brilliant Bountiful Super-food Blueberries

organicXberriesFresh raw organic fruits and vegetables are without a doubt some of the best nutrient rich foods you can treat your body to. Each one offers their own contribution in the way of antioxidants in the war against aging but deep colored berries rise to the top of the list and the reasons are not unfounded.

Local berries such as blueberries, strawberries and raspberries are joined by their exotic cousins from all over the world as super-fruits that take front and center stage. Sure, dark leafy greens along with citrus fruits receive their share of the accolades, but deeply colored berries beat out other fruits to take center stage. Continue reading

Your Body and Mind Operate as One Unit

The-body-mind-connectionAlthough we experience health through our bodies, our health is actually intimately connected to what’s going on in our minds.

Modern science is quickly connecting the truth that our emotions effect our bodies. They work as one unit.

We actually experience emotions such as anger, fear, sadness and stress as unpleasant bodily symptoms, however most of the time our minds are so busy and off somewhere in our past or future thoughts that we are not paying attention when our bodies alert us to these symptoms. In other words, we don’t recognize the connection because we are not listening. Continue reading

Strengthen the Immune System with Slow Weight Training

overheadXpressWithout a doubt proper exercise is one of the most powerful weapons we have for reducing chronic inflammation that can trigger cancer growth, keeping estrogen levels in check which protects against all hormone-dependent cancers, strengthening the immune system and stopping tumor growth by stimulating activity in key enzymes while minimizing the impact of carcinogens (substances/exposures that are known or suspected of causing cancer).

However, even with all those incredible benefits, exercise still remains a low priority for many people. They believe that they can achieve the same results just by taking pills or having surgery or some other unknown way to improve their health. Continue reading