Monthly Archives: May 2014

Basic Blueprint for Better Health

control healthIt’s never too late to take control of your own health. We need to get back into the driver’s seat when it comes to taking control of our health and wellness. Somehow we have forgotten that we do have this control and we are the ones that determine how healthy or unhealthy we can be.

There are countless cases of people who have been diagnosed with cancer only to be found cancer free just months later and alive and clicking ten, twenty or more years down the road. Continue reading

Sprout Your Way to Health and Vitality

sproutsSprouting is good for you. It increases the digestion and health benefits of whatever seed is sprouted.

Sprouts are the stage a seed goes through as it comes to life but before it establishes roots and becomes a plant.

Most beans, seeds and grains sprout but like everything else, some are preferred for ease and because they taste better. Sprouted seeds are so versatile, they can be enjoyed whole as snacks or made into nut milks, added to smoothies and salads and even used dehydrated in trail mixes. Continue reading

Resolutions for the Prevention of Cancer

cancer1Avoiding contracting one of the deadly diseases such as cancer is an issue that needs to be addressed before the onset of the disease not after.

Even though there are multiple reasons that can attribute to declining health, it has been proven that lifestyle…which is something we are actually in control of…is one of the prime players.

Here’s a shortlist of resolutions that you can make in your own life and choices that will help you to steer clear of cancer and other insidious diseases that not only rob people and shorten their lives, they strip people of any quality of life they do have. Continue reading