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Avocado Lime Pie

avocadoAvocados are amazing fruits and the health benefits of avocados have been known for a long time. However, few are aware that avocados can help in your diet, and prevent disease.

You could consider the avocado the perfect food because they contain all 18 essential amino acids plus all 7 fatty acids (including both omega 3 and 6).

This oval green queen is rich in valuable protein (contains more than cow’s milk) and fiber while providing important antioxidants.

Additionally, avocados contain lots of potassium and sodium protecting your arteries. Continue reading

Is Grass Fed Beef For You?

GrassfedBeef1If you still enjoy a great steak dinner you are not alone. Humans have been eating and enjoying different kinds of meat since before we can remember and our bodies are well equipped to absorb and digest the nutrients from meat.

Tribes that are hunger-gatherers experienced excellent health and most of their calories came from eating meat.

Meat is a source of high quality protein as well as nutrients like Creatine and Carnosine…all three important for our brains and our muscles.

All red meat is incredibly nutritious even if grain-fed.

However, grass fed beef raises the bar even higher on nutrition because the diet that cows are fed has a significant impact on the composition of the beef that it produces. In other words, the nutrients in the beef we enjoy are directly related to what the cow is eating. Continue reading

Cashing in on Kale

kale1Kale is one of the newest super-foods and a very hot trend among the stars for its health benefits. All greens are nutritious but kale stands out from the crowd.

Kale is not new…in fact, it used to be called the “poor peoples food” and now it’s a considered a power-food! Kale adds a nice earthy flavor, has fewer calories than most foods with more nutritional value.

Curly kale has been around a long time and played important roles in European diets while dinosaur and ornamental kale are more recent additions.

Kale is considered a cruciferous vegetable and descendant of wild cabbage. It is in the same family as broccoli or cabbage, is rich with nutrients and offers unsurpassed health benefits. Continue reading

Healing Herbs and Super Spices for Cancer Prevention

CancerSpicesHerbs and spices have historically enjoyed a rich tradition of flavoring and enhancing the foods we eat. They have also been used for their medicinal properties and are being studied for their ability to fight off cancer cell survival.

Since as a society we are starting to turn to natural substances for solutions to disease, herbs and spices are a natural place to start.

Preclinical studies reveal that herbs and spices have multiple anticancer characteristics. Herbs and spices such as cumin, garlic, rosemary, thyme, oregano, turmeric and others have shown remarkable antioxidant activities and are being researched for natural antioxidants. Continue reading