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Health Shakes the Healthiest Meal of the Day

healthyshake1The best tip I can offer you to help you succeed with your diet switch on your health is that you must switch your center of perception from “exclusion” of foods when you diet to the “inclusion” of the right foods.

It’s a true fact that when most people try and lose weight they reduce the amount of food they are consuming and this ultimately kicks in the cravings.

By now, most people very aware of the usual BAD suspects in their diet…you know, white bread, sugar, junk foods, fried foods, fast foods, candies, sugary drinks etc. Let’s just ignore them and focus on developing and exercising new positive habits and perceptions and integrate them into your diet. Continue reading

Your Wealth in Health

healthy eatingHealth is not a static state or a sporadic burst here and there but an on-going journey of discovering about ourselves. The goal is to achieve a high level of personal vitality and energy and to keep improving our health while at the same time learning how to deal with the inevitable consequences of aging.

However, if you don’t change anything about your diet and lifestyle as you age, you get worse. Just think about it, for the most part, people in their forties and fifties feel worse than people in their twenties or thirties. That doesn’t say much for when we reach our sixties, seventies and beyond. Continue reading

You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

you can!Dessert and snack lovers everywhere need to know that you can “have your cake and eat it too” with easy-to-make, simple, guilt free raw food healthy treats and delicious desserts that you and your family will savor and return to again and again whenever the occasion calls for a satisfying sweet treat.

Have you ever made a cake without have to bake it or whipped up desserts like chocolate mousse, cookies and ice cream without using sugar, flour, dairy, soy or eggs as ingredients? Does that seem to be out of the realm of possibility?

It is not only possible but in regards to your health it is the preferred way to prepare snacks and desserts. But before you can… Continue reading

Your Heart Needs A Regular Beating To Stay Healthy

shutterstock_20994970They carried him out on a stretcher. The doctor said it was a heart attack; nothing anyone could do. Aged 61 recently retired…. it is an unfortunate script that is played out every day in family homes around the world. At least he didn’t suffer the doctor said, since it happened while he slept.

Despite dramatic medical advances over the past 50 years, heart disease remains the leading cause of death amongst humans accounting for 42 percent of all deaths worldwide.

In the US alone one person dies every 33 seconds from heart disease which is over 2,600 people every single day!  Continue reading

The Importance of an Alkaline Body

alkalineAcid-alkaline balance is a reference to the balance between the level of acids and non-acids (alkalis) found in the body’s fluids and tissues. The ratio of acids to non-acids can be determined by measuring pH levels.

When pH levels are balanced health is also good and balanced. When an imbalance occurs, when we either dip to one side or the other…either too acidic or too alkaline we set the stage of disease of all kinds to take hold.

The bodies pH is measured on a scale of 0-14. Neutral pH is considered number 7 and anything below 7 indicates an environment that is acidic while pH levels above 7 represent an alkaline condition. Continue reading

Time to Examine Your Health Bank Account

health bank account

Even though we pay little conscious attention, its true that every action, every morsel, every breath you take is either a deposit into your health or a withdrawal from your health bank account.

All these can take serious chunks out of your Health account: