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The Unappreciated Role Of Muscle In The Prevention of Cancer!

Is prevention of cancer becoming a distant dream? Any discussion on exercise more often than not leads to excuses galore: I do not have enough time, I am feeling tired or I walked enough at work!  We are getting used to being fat and the size plus clothing is only helping in steering us away from worrying about the extra kilos.

Cancer is often associated with rapid and extensive loss of muscle mass and strength, caused due to improper diet and inactivity.

Overweight kills and exercise is paramount for lowering the risk for cancer! 

I advocate exercise across the lifespan and as a tool for the prevention of cancer. Maybe doctors should just write “Exercise” on patients’ prescriptions… Continue reading

The Importance Of Abiding By The Rules For Cancer Prevention!

The food we consume can be one of the unsuspected causes of cancer. Intake of fat and cholesterol laden foods, insufficient consumption of Vitamins A or C, eating processed foods low in natural fiber, eating contaminated foods, introduction of steroids into the body, sedentary lifestyle, high levels of stress, exposure to industrial pollutants and chemicals or over-exposure to X-rays during medical examinations can all lead to cancers.

When you look at what causes cancer, there seems to be no rhyme or reason. Based on years of research, we can conclude that the more obvious reasons, such as diet and exercise score high in the list of possibilities.

The Disease That Comes With A Death Warrant

Diseases other than cancer behave… Continue reading

The Different Muscular Strength Exercises That Control The Causes Of Cancer!

Eternal life still remains a myth, but your habits could turn back the clock and take you down the road of controlling the causes of cancer, the deadliest disease of all. You can persuade the cells in your body to let you live longer – cancer-free. We are talking about exercises that have the capacity to keep diseases at bay.

“Muscular strength exercises” as the name suggests, involve exercises that improve the strength in your muscles. They can vary widely in intensity, depending on the type of activity and the effort of the individual.

These exercises raise the heartbeat and leave you out of breath. They increase the body’s metabolism by many times its resting level, and this helps numerous… Continue reading

The Anti Cancer Diet: Simplicity Goes A Long Way In Keeping Cancer Away!

cancer fightingIf there is one thing all those companies manufacturing a variety of processed foods are not interested in, it is your health. All they do is help you create your own chemical factory – in your stomach.

If that sounds scary, imagine the scenario where you have to hear the much dreaded life-changing words, “you have cancer.”

A diet change has to happen now, today! What would you eat if you were living in a forest, away from civilization? You would probably eat meat, vegetables, fruits, seafood, nuts and seeds. No chemicals, no refining or processing. Just think of how good these foods are. The nutrition profile of these foods makes them invaluable partners of the anti-cancer diet. Continue reading

Strength Training Exercises: The Core Ingredient In Preventing Cancer!

We may worry about murders or road accidents, but the big killers are cancer and heart disease. More people are dying from disease than natural aging. The latest mortality rates and data show that people are dying more from cancer than circulatory diseases.

But once upon a time, things were very different. People toiled hard and reaped by the sweat of their brow. Their prized possession was -“HEALTH!”

Those days are long gone and we are now at a stage where we need to create some form of intentional physical activity for preventing cancer and other diseases.

Why This Dramatic Change?

The main function of the human body is physical activity.  It has evolved to use large muscle groups… Continue reading

Prevent Cancer: Say No To Complacency And Unhealthy Lifestyle!

A healthy mind, body and soul, is a perfect state that each one of us can achieve. In an attempt to prevent cancer, all we need to do is make sure our bodies are in perfect balance and they vibrate to the music of life.

“An old Cherokee was telling his grandson about the two wolves inside us: the evil and the good, and the constant battle that goes on between them. The grandson then asks his grandfather, “Which wolf wins?”  His grandfather replies, “The one you feed.””

It is all so very simple.  This old legend talks about life, love and hatred; but the lesson we need to take from this little story is: what we do… Continue reading

Prevent Cancer By Keeping Your Immune System Fighting Fit!

If you have seen someone in the terminal stages of cancer, you would know how painful it is to see them resign themselves to the idea that there is no going back. I have been there and it is something I can never forget and would not want anyone to go through. The predominant question the whole world is searching an answer to is, “how to prevent cancer?”

Research points in the direction of poor lifestyle choices. Having been in the field of fitness for many years, I have seen how matter-of-fact many people are about their health. They do not realize that they may be secretly sabotaging their immune system, losing the body’s natural ability to fight off infections.… Continue reading

Mental Preparedness: A Prerequisite To Lifestyle Changes For Cancer Prevention!

The mind and body relationship is special and has elicited many a discussion on how two things so completely diverse in nature interact so well together.

We use the expression, “I am sick with worry” often, without realizing that it holds a lot of meaning. Worry can actually make a person physically sick.

Mind is the master of our body! Physical health depends to a large extent on mental attitudes. It is your thoughts and feelings that influence the body through the nervous and circulatory systems. Countless research studies have validated that a diseased emotional condition such as negativity or stress, undermine the body tone, leaving it open to lethal diseases like cancer.

Forget about the research, how many times… Continue reading

Juicing: An Integral Part Of Cancer Prevention Diet!

juicingWhile there is life – and plants – there is hope. Vegetables and fruits are a blessing of the plant kingdom. We keep hearing of “natural cures” for diseases, and it is incredible what may be accomplished by abandoning all processed foods and meat in favor of vegetables and fruits.

Wonderful cures are attributed to the adoption of a vegetarian diet in cases of cancer, tumor and all other complaints, including wounds that refuse to heal.

There is a lot of talk nowadays about “returning to Nature,” but most of us are so used to our synthetic lives, that simplicity spells increased complexity.

The “vegetable cutlet” costs us more than double the time and effort involved in preparing its fleshy… Continue reading

Correct Your Dietary Imbalance With Natural Cancer Fighting Foods!

If you have ever wondered why people in some parts of the world seem to live much longer than others, it is not as big a mystery as you might seem to think. While our advanced world brings with it all sorts of conveniences that would have made lives easier for our ancestors, there is a bit of a tradeoff.  We have become lazy and developed some poor habits where our health is concerned.

The National Cancer Institute attributes 30-50% of all cancers to dietary imbalance. With cancer fighting foods available in abundance; the only way you can evade cancer is by not evading responsibility for what you eat.

Foods That Prevent Cancer

Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, potatoes… Continue reading