Lifestyle Changes

Motivation, The Driving Force for Success

motivationIt’s all great and wonderful that we work on which eating and exercise program will be the best one for us in order to achieve the quickest results.

However, there is one thing that must be put into action before any of these things work.


Motivation is something we all want more of or believe we need more of. It is a mix of discipline and desire that we draw upon when needed. It is what propels us out of bed or out the door to our work-outs. Continue reading

Is Grass Fed Beef For You?

GrassfedBeef1If you still enjoy a great steak dinner you are not alone. Humans have been eating and enjoying different kinds of meat since before we can remember and our bodies are well equipped to absorb and digest the nutrients from meat.

Tribes that are hunger-gatherers experienced excellent health and most of their calories came from eating meat.

Meat is a source of high quality protein as well as nutrients like Creatine and Carnosine…all three important for our brains and our muscles.

All red meat is incredibly nutritious even if grain-fed.

However, grass fed beef raises the bar even higher on nutrition because the diet that cows are fed has a significant impact on the composition of the beef that it produces. In other words, the nutrients in the beef we enjoy are directly related to what the cow is eating. Continue reading

5 Reasons Physical Activity Prevents and Fights Disease

Mature older people lifting weightsThere isn’t a day that goes by that we are not made aware of how much our bodies need and require exercise to stay healthy and help prevent disease. Unfortunately not everyone is listening.

Without a doubt, our bodies are designed to be highly active and vigorous…not dormant. Believe it or not, the cancer risk reduction is staggering when exercise is used correctly-an estimated whopping 50 percent cancer risk reduction with little outlay in time, effort and money. It is so worth it.

Researchers are continually working to understand the reasons how physical activity not only prevents but actually fights cancer as well. Continue reading

Foods that help Prevent Cancer

eat-your-medicineThe development of cancer and the role that diet plays are continually being studied.

Are there really “super” foods that can help you to avoid chronic diseases such as cancer or is it all a bunch of steam?

Truth is, there are foods that show cancer-fighting properties though no one is yet able to identify any one food over another that will stop cancer dead in its tracks.

Studies show that a diet consisting of colorful fruits and vegetables (yellow, green, orange, red, white, purple and blue should all be included) is key to avoiding debilitating diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Continue reading

Most Cancer is Preventable through Lifestyle Changes

TEST2Hormones are chemical messengers that are produced in specific parts of our bodies. One of the major functions of hormones is to help control when or how often our cells multiply and any changes can interrupt or interfere with this delicate process that in turn can lead to diseases such as cancer.

Our cells take direction from our hormones which communicate to the cells what action to take. When these hormones reach unnaturally high levels, they increase the risk of some cancers by encouraging the cells to multiply more than they normally would.

It’s no secret anymore that hormones are linked to the development of cancers that include prostate, testicular, breast and womb. Continue reading

Strong Muscles Means Strong Immunity

cut cancerMost people are aware that their immune system is responsible for detecting and fighting off infections.

But, did you know that it also detects and destroys cancer cells?

Amazing but true…part of the immune system’s function is to locate and destroy tumor cells before they get out of control.

Strength training can increase both the number and the amount of activity of several different types of immune cells-especially the ones whose primary jobs are to detect and destroy cancerous and virus-infected cells. Continue reading

Basic Blueprint for Better Health

control healthIt’s never too late to take control of your own health. We need to get back into the driver’s seat when it comes to taking control of our health and wellness. Somehow we have forgotten that we do have this control and we are the ones that determine how healthy or unhealthy we can be.

There are countless cases of people who have been diagnosed with cancer only to be found cancer free just months later and alive and clicking ten, twenty or more years down the road. Continue reading

Resolutions for the Prevention of Cancer

cancer1Avoiding contracting one of the deadly diseases such as cancer is an issue that needs to be addressed before the onset of the disease not after.

Even though there are multiple reasons that can attribute to declining health, it has been proven that lifestyle…which is something we are actually in control of…is one of the prime players.

Here’s a shortlist of resolutions that you can make in your own life and choices that will help you to steer clear of cancer and other insidious diseases that not only rob people and shorten their lives, they strip people of any quality of life they do have. Continue reading

Your Wealth in Health

healthy eatingHealth is not a static state or a sporadic burst here and there but an on-going journey of discovering about ourselves. The goal is to achieve a high level of personal vitality and energy and to keep improving our health while at the same time learning how to deal with the inevitable consequences of aging.

However, if you don’t change anything about your diet and lifestyle as you age, you get worse. Just think about it, for the most part, people in their forties and fifties feel worse than people in their twenties or thirties. That doesn’t say much for when we reach our sixties, seventies and beyond. Continue reading

You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

you can!Dessert and snack lovers everywhere need to know that you can “have your cake and eat it too” with easy-to-make, simple, guilt free raw food healthy treats and delicious desserts that you and your family will savor and return to again and again whenever the occasion calls for a satisfying sweet treat.

Have you ever made a cake without have to bake it or whipped up desserts like chocolate mousse, cookies and ice cream without using sugar, flour, dairy, soy or eggs as ingredients? Does that seem to be out of the realm of possibility?

It is not only possible but in regards to your health it is the preferred way to prepare snacks and desserts. But before you can… Continue reading