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Most Cancer is Preventable through Lifestyle Changes

TEST2Hormones are chemical messengers that are produced in specific parts of our bodies. One of the major functions of hormones is to help control when or how often our cells multiply and any changes can interrupt or interfere with this delicate process that in turn can lead to diseases such as cancer.

Our cells take direction from our hormones which communicate to the cells what action to take. When these hormones reach unnaturally high levels, they increase the risk of some cancers by encouraging the cells to multiply more than they normally would.

It’s no secret anymore that hormones are linked to the development of cancers that include prostate, testicular, breast and womb. Continue reading

Strong Muscles Means Strong Immunity

cut cancerMost people are aware that their immune system is responsible for detecting and fighting off infections.

But, did you know that it also detects and destroys cancer cells?

Amazing but true…part of the immune system’s function is to locate and destroy tumor cells before they get out of control.

Strength training can increase both the number and the amount of activity of several different types of immune cells-especially the ones whose primary jobs are to detect and destroy cancerous and virus-infected cells. Continue reading