Fight Cancer With A Strong Body Not A Weak One


cancer freeIt wasn’t that long ago that “sick” patients were told not to exercise in order to avoid too much strain on an ill body. Over the years however studies have proven that this advice is not only wrong it is detrimental to improving our health.

It used to be that if you had a bad heart, exercise was deemed a bad thing. The fear was that another heart attack would be caused by the exercising. It has since been proven that the only way to build a strong heart is through exercise…not avoiding it. Even after a heart attack, the heart muscle needs to be strengthened through proper exercise to help avoid further attacks.

Some may say that exercise cannot actually help with serious diseases like diabetes and cancer. But, this is just not true. Cancer can be fought easier when a person is physically strong. So much so, in fact, the severity of such a disease can be lessened with proper exercise. The way to deal with disease that makes you weak is to fight it with strength.

A proper strength training routine will help you to build and maintain lean, toned muscles. It is these muscles that you need to fight off nasty diseases like cancer. If you are already fighting the effects of cancer, strength training will give you the strength-physical and mental-that you need to fight. An additional benefit to strength training is that these muscles store and provide necessary nutrient-like protein-which your body needs and can thrive on during down times.

Protein is a necessary source for antibodies and white blood cells. You not only need to feed yourself protein, but you need to keep those muscles toned to store excess protein. When you are suffering from cancer these extra antibodies and white blood cells will fight and attack those nasty cancer cells. Without lean, toned muscles your body does not have the resources to kill off this nasty disease.

It is already known that cancer cells feed on sugar and fatty cells. Muscles on the other hand use this sugar for energy and burn excess fat. Therefore, on top of protein, toned muscles help take away the negative that this disease feeds off of. As you have probably figured out, you can help to prevent or slow down the spread of these cancerous cells by building up your muscles.

You do not need a lot of time to tone your muscles and keep them strong as many would like you to believe. All that is needed is a few days a week for less than an hour a session.

Give yourself a second chance, take care of yourself and your body and you will feel better in no time at all. Any advice to take it easy and let your body get weak is never, ever a good idea, not even if you are suffering from a disease that makes you weak; the only way to fight it is strength.