Leading A Sedentary Lifestyle is An Open Door To Disease


sedentary lifestyleLike many things in life we seem to have some things about our health backwards. For example, we are often told to check with our doctors before beginning an exercise program. But, it’s rather curious that no one ever tells us to check with the doctor when we are sedentary and inactive…the times when our bodies are suffering the most.

When the symptoms of our sedentary lives start to show and the human body has reached a broken down state there is no doctor, no drug, no surgery or treatment that can restore true health again.

A sedentary lifestyle is defined as being physically inactive both at work and at home and failing to participate in a vigorous exercise program that includes strength building and maintaining activity several times per week.

If you plan on living a life like this here are some hazard to your health you should be aware of. You are in danger of developing one of the “big three” life threatening diseases; cancer, heart disease or diabetes.

A sedentary life accelerates muscle tissue loss in adults and eventually adequate strength to function properly is also lost which leads to disability and dependence on family or the community.

Staying young and fit is important to your mental attitude/mental health as well as your physical health. A no exercise lifestyle makes you more likely to gain excess body fat. If you are not exercising, you are highly likely to become overweight which leads to a host of other health problems.

We all know that exercise is good for us and would make our life so much better but it seems like too much trouble or too much work so we end up not bothering about it at all. It’s hard to believe that four out of five people are not doing enough exercise to stay healthy and one in four are not doing any exercise at all. It is truly becoming a worldwide health issue.

Most people won’t make the commitment or make the time for exercise regularly. What can we do about this? What the heck is going to get us up and moving and how do we make space in our hectic lives for exercise?

First things first…we need to change our attitudes towards our own health and wellness or nothing in our lives is going to change. Proper exercise needs to be a priority in the 21st century; rated as important as family and friends and certainly as important as our social lives.

Combining exercise with a proper diet consisting of as much natural foods as possible is the key and the answer to not only staying healthy, vital and young at heart, it is your best defense against those bit “3” diseases.

Time spent preparing your food properly and exercising properly is the best investment you can make in yourself and will make a huge difference in whether you remain healthy and well or your body shift towards accelerated aging and disease. Only you have the power to make that choice for yourself.

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