Time to Examine Your Health Bank Account


health bank account

Even though we pay little conscious attention, its true that every action, every morsel, every breath you take is either a deposit into your health or a withdrawal from your health bank account.

All these can take serious chunks out of your Health account:

  • Feeling rushed and stress
  • Missing meals regularly
  • Eating whatever whenever
  • Sedentary lifestyle/do not get enough physical activity
  • Lack of sleep

If you have never done so, it’s time to take a look at the balance sheet of your health bank account and see what it reveals. Are you living a life that is constantly and regularly making deposits with minimal expenditures? Or do you constantly withdraw energy and feel chronically tired, your body restless and in pain, feeling skeptical and unappreciated?

Take an assessment of how you are feeling and living your life by comparing it to the charts below:

Super Health: You are in the black in your health account:

  • boundless energy
  • sharp mind
  • positive outlook
  • joy of living
  • physically fit
  • full life
  • contentment
  • toned body
  • high motivation
  • feel-good body

Vertically Ill: Still getting around but not feeling great. Your health account is sometimes dripping into the red.

  • constant tiredness
  • low concentration
  • mood swings
  • sorrow, sad, anxiety
  • unfit/exhausted by exercise
  • run down/frequently ill
  • easily overwhelmed
  • dissatisfaction
  • flabby
  • on/off motivation
  • aches and pains/body issues

Horizontally Ill: In overdraft-in the red, in recession/bankrupt

  • chronic fatigue
  • troubled/confused
  • depression
  • pessimism
  • unable to exercise
  • incapacitated by illness
  • life is hard work
  • despair/life is against me
  • over fat, under muscled
  • low motivation levels
  • feel-bad body

Unfortunately a growing number of people in our modern inactive world are slowly slipping into the vertically ill-the middle category. Some of the symptoms we may experience are overall lack of enthusiasm for life, a don’t feel well attitude, aches and pains showing up, tired and fatigued most of the time, lack of good sleep, overweight, excessive puffing after little exertion, frequent colds or infections.

Millions worldwide feel like this and many have some sort of chronic condition defined as any long lasting healthy issue that is resistant to a quick fix. In many cases there is a disease lurking in the wings that may have been sneaking up for some time.

Chronic conditions may not land you in the hospital right away but it can claim you as a member of an army of the “walking wounded”.

There are two types of illness and disease.

The first is horizontal; you are forced to stop normal activity. A bad flu or life threatening condition like a stroke or heart attack, back or knee injury are examples.

The second is vertical. These include vague complaints about tiredness and feeling unwell right through to chronic degenerative disease. Most disease starts this way…vertical and then becomes horizontal.

The very apt description of “walking wounded” was coined for those whose health has deteriorated to the point where the person has early symptoms but they have not yet progressed to the point that a specific disease process can be identified.

There are many people…many “walking wounded” that are not well enough to function adequately but are not yet quite sick enough to become “horizontally ill”…bed bound with a total loss of physical function. They take tests but nothing wrong is discovered and the medical system is baffled.

These unfortunate people suffer from “chronic unwellness”…a state of limbo between vibrant health and identifiable illness or disease.

If after comparing notes you have found yourself to be in the first column above you are to be congratulated. You are doing a fantastic job of working on maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your job then is to continue to work at it if you want to continue to enjoy great health.

If you’ve found yourself to be in the middle category (this is where most people land) rest assured that this is the  perfect time to make necessary changes to get you back to the first column so you can enjoy great health again.

If the last column is where you landed, know that IT IS NEVER TOO LATE to turn this around starting right now.

You can get healthy and stay in the first category regardless of age. Start each day with your first meal…a healthy breakfast and watch the how snowball effects change the way your whole day progresses.

Each day is fresh and new with abundant possibilities…it’s up to you to take advantage of each moment and turn it into a miracle.

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Knowledge is power.