Visceral Fat is a Problem


visceral fatDid you know that your body has two types of fat?

Subcutaneous fat is found just under your skin and is noticeable. This kind of fat is soft and flabby, it jiggles, dimples and causes cellulite.

Visceral fat is the fat on the inside of your body, under your abdominal muscle. It is way more dangerous than subcutaneous fat because it can surround vital organs like your liver and heart hindering their optimal function.

Even slim people who have always been of normal weight can have an unhealthy amount of dangerous visceral fat.

Visceral fat is highly metabolically active and associated with higher levels of different hormones, including estrogen and higher insulin levels which have been directly linked to cancer.

Belly fat is dangerous. It releases toxic chemicals that produce inflammatory molecules that enter your bloodstream which in turn can trigger a wide range of systemic diseases; these inflammatory changes promote the growth and division of cells making cancer easier to develop and take hold. Visceral fat has also been linked to breast cancer and gallbladder surgery.

Pear shaped individuals generally have fat that accumulates in the lower body that is subcutaneous. On the other hand, apple-shaped people carry excess body fat around their “middle section” and have a much higher risk of heart disease and diabetes, which has become rampant, as well as other health issues.

An increase of abdominal fat is occurring because of the metabolism meltdown caused by muscle tissue loss from sedentary lifestyles. In other words, our modern day inactive “desk” jobs are contributing to this problem.

The health and vitality of your metabolismdetermines the speed at which your motor is running. Weak, flabby muscles cannot burn up the fuel (food) we eat so it gets stored on both the outer and inner parts of our body.

People love to blame this loss of muscle tissue on “old age” but science has shown us different. As we age, we lose muscle mass if we do not use our muscles. Our bodies are a use it or lose it machine. If you are not losing your muscles, if you are not working your muscles, your muscle mass suffers. It is not age that is causing our muscle loss…it is our lack of using our muscles that causes it.

It is quite possible to regain much of the muscle tissue that was lost. As you get your metabolic motor running stronger and faster again it can work hard to burn off that belly fat.

Only by increasing your muscular health can you change your body from a fat storing one that threatens your health and possibly your life, to a fat burning one.

Not only will you lose the fat, but your body…your healthier strong body will keep fat off. You’ll gain a more youthful appearance as firm muscle tissue always looks better; firmer, smoother, tighter and shapelier than ever before. So much more attractive than saggy, flabby fat don’t you agree?

If your lifestyle is sedentary your risk of storing this kind of nasty fat is serious and a real threat to your health.

Strength training exercises are the number one solution and the quickest and most effective way to deal with visceral fat. It rebuilds and “wakes up” weakened muscles that have allowed the body to accumulate this fat rather than burn it up in the muscle cells harmlessly for energy.

You can rid yourself of visceral fat because visceral fat responds well to exercise and diet. There are no longer any valid excuses for not ridding your body of this dangerous fat.

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