The Different Muscular Strength Exercises That Control The Causes Of Cancer!


Eternal life still remains a myth, but your habits could turn back the clock and take you down the road of controlling the causes of cancer, the deadliest disease of all. You can persuade the cells in your body to let you live longer – cancer-free. We are talking about exercises that have the capacity to keep diseases at bay.

“Muscular strength exercises” as the name suggests, involve exercises that improve the strength in your muscles. They can vary widely in intensity, depending on the type of activity and the effort of the individual.

These exercises raise the heartbeat and leave you out of breath. They increase the body’s metabolism by many times its resting level, and this helps numerous bodily processes function as they should. Increasing muscular strength gives the body ability to fight the numerous causes of cancer.

Can you take out 15 minutes?

Resistance Training: Slow Weight Training

The causes of cancer are many and resistance training has the immense power to transform the body into one that is free from all negative cancer-causing elements.

There are several different resistance exercises, but I found one to be particularly easy and it works wonders – Slow Weight Training!

This is a form of exercise where you increase the intensity of the workout by slowing things down.

Increase the intensity by slowing down?

The logic behind this is to create increased tension in the muscles for a given weight. Each muscle fiber/cell contains hundreds or thousands of myofibrils that consist of thick and thin protein filaments. The slower these thick and thin filaments slide past each other, the more cross-bridges that can be formed between filaments, leading to increased tension and stimulation for the development of muscle strength.

If that sounds like Greek and Latin, just look at slow weight training as being the best for obtaining maximum muscle strength.

It has been agreed by many that this form of training puts more burden on the muscles, and leads to calorie loss and reduction in injuries from intense workouts.

Here is something that is sure to console you. You are needed to do this only once a week, unless you choose to do it twice, but no more than that. Since muscles repair themselves only after a workout and not during, you need to maintain a gap between workouts. If your excuse was lack of time, this is the perfect solution for you.

While free weights can be used for this method, I suggest you use the machine, as it will help you focus on the effort instead of the movement. Pick a weight which allows you to do a minimum of 8 repetitions but not more than 12. Change weights until you find the one that’s perfect.

How about 20 minutes a week?

Interval Training: Get Rid Of Those Extra Kilos

Interval training helps get rid of one of the major causes of cancer – excessive fat.

Shake up your workout with interval training and burn more calories in a short time. Interval training is nothing but alternating intense activity with intervals of light activity.

The concentration is on intense activity of 30 seconds and 90 seconds of rest for recovery. For example, you run for 30 seconds and walk for 90 seconds.

This involves eight repetitions, a three-minute warm up and a two-minute cool down. So, all you need to do is exchange 20 minutes of your time for the unbelievable health benefits of fat burning as well as increasing the levels of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) that is essential for vitality and longevity.

Just one session of 20 minutes each week will do wonders and take you several steps forward in your controlling the causes of cancer.

Push aside all the barriers that are holding you and work towards alleviating all the causes of cancer, and a life filled with health and happiness. No more perceptions of lack of time, feeling tired, personal safety or self-perception that you are active enough.

Remember, the difference between active and inactive, disease-free and suffering people is not the time available; it is the priority they give to exercise.