How We Become Susceptible to Cancer


cancer testA recent study published in The Lancet predicts worldwide cancer cases to balloon to 22.2 million by 2030. These stats are up from 12.7 million in 2008. We seem to be heading in the wrong direction when it comes to controlling cancer rates worldwide.

However, despite these scary statistics, there is good news. Research also shows that lifestyle plays the biggest role in our risk for cancer. Genes only account for about 5 percent of cases.

Many of us believe that this is all a matter of “luck”…that it is something we cannot control but be assured that there are active things that you can do to help protect yourself and stop worrying.

It is comforting to know that our genes only play a 5 percent role in our cancer risk; that leaves a bucket load of cancers that we have a great chance of preventing…at least 80%. In other words, the risk factors are closely intertwined with our lifestyles and something every single one of us has control over.

Cancer is not a big mysterious generic puzzle that can only be treated with a chemical cure. Truth is whether we want to believe it or not, cancer is a “lifestyle” disease that we give ourselves.

It is the food you eat, the substances you are exposed to and the level of physical activity that impact your body’s production and function of hormones, inflammatory substances and immune factors that have the power to promote or prevent cancer.

When we make poor lifestyle choices we weaken our bodies defenses against diseases like cancer. Remember that cancer cells are natural and every day our body deals with them; it has natural defenses to find and destroy these mutant cells.

However, when these cells are allowed to grow faster than the body’s ability to destroy them, they grow out of control and deadly tumors are formed as a result.

In order for your body to actually “cure” cancer every single day without chemicals your immune system must absolutely be strong and healthy.

The simple cure for cancer prevention is to tip the balance in your body’s favor so it can do its job of defending itself against these destructive invaders.

There was a time in history when wellness was simply the absence of disease. We habitually practiced health-generating behaviors. We walked everywhere and burned calories earning the “bread” we ate. We ate reasonably and remained lean.

Today few if any earn their bread by the sweat of their brow. Another contributing factor is that food is outrageously plentiful but excessively laden with unhealthy chemicals, fats, sugars and salt.

The result is that the lack of wellness present in some individuals reflects the absence of unhealthy behaviors…not the presence of disease.

A strong and efficient immune system is perhaps the greatest health asset you own. And, no one but you can “shift” this immune system into high gear by how you eat, live and exercise.

A strong immune system not only protects us from foreign invaders and germs, a strong immune system is core to nearly every aspect of long-term health and vitality. Today’s modern world demands it more than ever.

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