Blueprint for Better Health includes a “Holistic” Approach…


holisticWhile exercise and healthy eating are both important facets of cancer prevention and treatment, they are certainly not the only ones.

A true blueprint for better health care would include a “holistic” approach to health and wellness with additional strategies such as:

Keep your mind and thinking in good shape. Positive thinking does produce favorable results for people who have an optimistic view of life that benefits their health and well being. Negative and pessimistic thoughts can have the opposite effect.
A proper muscle building and maintenance exercise program is performed 2-3 times a week.

One to two sessions of interval training/exercise (short burst) per week.

Eating “clean” and adopting a healthy nutritional plan.

Avoiding processed foods and artificial additives and loading up on fresh, organic vegetables and fruits (some of them raw) – along with meat from grass-fed, free-ranging animals.

Reducing your intake of grains and limiting or avoiding sugar in all forms and especially high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and artificial sweeteners.

Slim down if necessary and maintain a healthy body weight. This will come naturally when you begin exercising properly and eating right. It is important to lose excess body fat because fat produces hormones that can trigger cancer.

Spend some time grounding with the earth, barefoot on the grass, earth or sand. Allow the electrons to ignite your energy.

Getting enough sunshine. You simply cannot ignore the bodies need for vitamin D.

Getting quality sleep…and enough of it. Sleep is an element that most people don’t even consider and yet it plays a huge role in how our immune system functions.

Managing stress – an outlet like exercise is critical.

Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins like pesticides, insecticides and household chemical cleanser to name a few. You can replace many household cleaners with non-toxi alternatives.

Boost Omega – # Fats – 80 percent of the fats we consume are Omega – 6 and that is a dangerous thing because Omega – 6 fats (found in processed vegetable oils like corn, canola and soybean oil) promote inflammation and turn on genes that fuel the cancer process. Omega 3s on the other hand, supply the antidote.

Not only do these healthy fats (found in cold water fish like wild salmon, sardines and krill oil, flaxseed, walnuts, chia seed and grass-fed beef) provide potent anti-inflammatory action, they also up-regulate the genes that guard against cancer.

Use great caution when it comes to prescription drugs – Pharmaceutical drugs kill thousands of people prematurely every year – as an expected side effect of the action of the drug. And, if you adhere to a healthy lifestyle, you most likely will never need any of them in the first place.

Accepting these lifestyle guidelines an incorporating them into your life will help set you squarely on the path to optimal health and give you the best shot at living a much longer and vital life.

Bottom line is this: There are countless individuals that have been diagnosed with cancer only to be deemed cancer free just months later…and alive and kicking ten, twenty or more years down the road. There is abundant proof that the human body has the ability to make disease simply disappear (or never appear in the first place) when it has the nutritional elements it needs in the right amounts and is not assaulted by toxins.

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