Prevent Cancer: Say No To Complacency And Unhealthy Lifestyle!


A healthy mind, body and soul, is a perfect state that each one of us can achieve. In an attempt to prevent cancer, all we need to do is make sure our bodies are in perfect balance and they vibrate to the music of life.

“An old Cherokee was telling his grandson about the two wolves inside us: the evil and the good, and the constant battle that goes on between them. The grandson then asks his grandfather, “Which wolf wins?”  His grandfather replies, “The one you feed.””

It is all so very simple.  This old legend talks about life, love and hatred; but the lesson we need to take from this little story is: what we do with our bodies is totally up to us. Not our surroundings, not the times we live in, not the busy jobs, not the processed foods. We cannot shift the blame onto anything or anybody. We have to take responsibility for what we do because the state of our health is dependent on the decisions we make.

We all have the intention to prevent cancer and other life-threatening diseases, but we continue to store trouble for later life, for ourselves and for our children. Our view of health is simply the absence of disease. Is what we are doing to our bodies not criminal?

Is It Not All The Work Of Genes?

While a small aspect of our health is determined or influenced by factors such as age, genes and family history; it is largely determined by the decisions we make about how we live.

For example, while a 55-year-old person with a very strong family history of lung cancer may be at a higher risk for developing cancer; the same person stands a chance at reducing his risk with sensible eating habits and regular exercise.  Even if he is not fortunate enough to prevent cancer, he still has a chance of leading a better life than those who have resorted to unhealthy habits throughout their lives. This has been proven beyond doubt by researchers.

The Impact Of Diet And Exercise

Poor diet that lacks whole nutrient-dense foods and exercise such as strength training and muscle building, has an unprecedented impact on our health and accounts for approximately a fifth of cancers in the developing countries and a third in the western countries.

These statistics should stimulate us into action. The whole generation is at risk of being affected. Believe me, this is not a scare tactic; it is a fact.

It is a pity that the world is talking about lack of cancer awareness being the culprit behind this state of affairs.  Over the years, I have seen many people suffer, and I believe it is more of negligence and taking life and health for granted. Most people know what they are doing to their bodies but they refuse to do anything about it because – they see no symptoms of ill-health. The tendency to wait for something drastic to happen before taking action, is proving dangerous.

Time To Assume Responsibility

It is this thought process that needs to be changed. May be we will behave more responsibly, if we realize what we are doing to our children. Childhood is the time when lifetime habits are established.

If we want our children to turn into healthy adults, we have to start now – by making healthy children. If we don’t do anything to tackle what our young people eat and how much they exercise, we are going to contribute heavily to unhealthy lifestyles in the future. We surely do not want that!

If we stop feeding the lazy wolf with unhealthy habits and feed the healthy wolf each day, the healthy wolf gets stronger, and one day we will forget all about the bad wolf.  That’s all it takes, really.  Prevent cancer one step at a time – and make sure the world within remains perfect!