Where Are You With Your Fitness And Weight Loss Goals – Results Or Excuses?


We would have to have been living under a rock for the last decade or two not to know that we all need to include proper exercise in our sedentary and inactive modern day lives. Although we know this we still find excuses not to do it and are aware that this is keeping us from living our best life.

We also know that physical activity is necessary to protect us from premature and preventable disease and can help ensure we do not succumb to an early demise. Yet we may wonder why that we always find excuses that keep us from our exercise program despite the fact that we yearn to be strong, fit and healthy?

It seems for many of us knowing and doing are two very different things. Like most of us, you have probably told yourself you are going to start exercising tomorrow, yet tomorrow comes and goes and you have still not got yourself moving.  One of the main things that keep people from setting just a little time aside a couple of times each week is the excuses they use to rationalize why they do not exercise.

So what is really going on and what is really holding you back? What excuse is fitting for you today? Too tired, too busy, too hot, too cold, don’t wanna, or you’re in pretty good shape… for your age (pick one) But I think you will agree these excuses are pretty flimsy. There is no excuse for being sedentary whatever your age unless you happened to be paralyzed from the neck down or in a coma.

Not enough time is the number one excuse

Unfortunately many people believe that they need a lot of time to exercise and that may stem from the old fashioned belief that long, slow endurance activities are what are needed to get you into good shape.

But I have good news for you; this type of activity is now not considered the best way to get you 1) that weight loss you need or 2) that strong, lean, healthy body you desire. The new way to do it is to work the muscular system in a short time frame of around 30 -40 minutes and to put some effort into it. Just two of these workouts each week make up for hours of low intensity fluff that will never get you in better shape.

WideModern_OlderFitness_070113620x413To burn fat and tone up muscles you need to work them directly against a resistance (weight). This slow controlled loading of the muscles through their full ranges of movement under an adequate load is the only activity that will raise your metabolism (your body’s engine).

This will mean your metabolic rate is increased and will chew into those fat stores even when you are asleep. When you put enough effort (intensity) into each session your heart rate will be raised and you get the maximum “bang for your buck” with a total body workout that is both efficient and effective.

This way of exercising means you can get much better results with much less time spent so the chance that you will make excuses not to do it is lessened. Hold on to the fact that squeezing in 1-2 hours a week for your strength training program is something that will make virtually every other aspect of your life better.

When you get your muscular system toned up it will generate more energy and the more energy you have everything else is easier and can be done quicker. You owe it to yourself to quit making excuses about why you do not get enough proper exercise.

You only have one body for this lifetime and to keep it healthy and well, strong and fit you need to give it the activity it needs. You get the bonus of a much higher quality of life and health from just such a little output of your time and effort.

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