Control Your Blood Sugar Levels With Healthy, Strong Muscles


fitXasXaXfiddleMost people have no idea how important it is to maintain stable blood sugar levels and yet they are the foundation of good health.

Blood sugar levels used to be equated with diabetics only but even those not diagnosed as diabetic yet but are borderline diabetic can experience its devastating effects on health.

When there is too much sugar in the bloodstream and the body is not able to utilize it, it produces excess insulin to help move the sugar into the muscle cells where it can be used for energy.

If the muscle cells don’t accept it, it then travels throughout the body causing destruction in all organ systems and essentially damaging everything it touches.

Muscle tissue is the body’s largest reservoir requiring glucose uptake from the blood and the state of its health and strength are paramount in controlling deadly disease. Weak flabby muscles contribute nothing to help you avoid it.

Because our sedentary lifestyles has us buried behind the computer, sitting at a desk or watching TV, our muscles have not been used in the way nature intended and because of that they have shrunk and withered away and their energy demands are far below what they should be. Without proper physical exercise and healthy toned muscles, there is no place for the sugar (that the body converts from the food we eat) to go.

This pre-diabetic state can be reversed and banished from your life forever but it starts with dedication to a challenging exercise program.

All it takes is 2-3 sessions weekly of proper strength training exercise to get and keep your blood sugar levels under control and reduce damage.

We need to face the fact that being overweight is not natural for the body and accelerates many health issues. Muscles need to be used, challenged and actively burning up the sugar circulating in the blood so they continually need and take up the sugar circulating in the blood otherwise this sugar goes on to damage tissue, cells and organs.

This damage triggers serious disease. Eventually if blood sugar levels remain high, the body compensates by protecting itself and shutting down receptors that allow it into cells resulting in a condition called “glucose intolerance”…the forerunner of diabetes. It simply means that your body’s ability to control blood sugar levels has become compromised.

There are three primary factors that change the processing of blood sugar in our bodies for the worse:

Not building proper muscle and maintain it with regular challenging exercise

Consuming foods high in man-made fats, sugars and starches. All processed foods included.

Body fat levels increasing

The solution of course is to ensure that muscles are exercises and challenged regularly through a complete range of movement with enough resistance to keep them strong and healthy. This allows them to gobble sugar from the blood stream efficiently. Pair this with a diet of healthy whole natural foods that are cooked from scratch and you have a winning formula against sugar imbalance.

This provides disease protection giving you a higher quality of life.

The destruction to health that high blood sugar levels cause invites in disease and has serious long-term negative effects that shave years off a person’s lifespan.

Exercise also helps people fight fatigue associated with cancer treatment and works to relieve stress and calm anxiety helping cancer victims and survivors feel better about themselves and their bodies.

What it all comes down to is you need to be reassured and understand that you can create the health, energy and healing in your own body that no doctor or pill can match by giving it the tools it needs to heal itself and only you hold the key to those controls. 

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