Ask Yourself “WHY Do You Want To Get Healthy?”


Mbest youotivation, we work hard to get it and we all struggle to keep it.

It’s impossible to shift to a healthier lifestyle and lose excess weight without motivation. Motivation is the driving force.

Understanding the reasons why you want to get healthier is one of the most powerful ways to motivate yourself.

Let’s face it, short-term motivation is most times out of immediate need, such as being crippled in pain with a heart attack. Motivation kicks in to help you prevent this occurrence or pain from ever happening again.

However discovering and sustaining long-term motivation is where the real challenges lie. These types of motivation must carry us through the long haul…getting us healthy and keeping us healthy long-term.

The first thing you need to do is to get your WHYS, your very own unique reasons for improving your health crystal clear. You need to understand with full clarity how your life will improve if your health does.

Uncovering your WHYS reveals a deeper purpose.

This understanding is imperative to establishing any goal…

So, grab a piece of paper and begin by asking yourself “WHY do you really want to get healthier?”

Be honest and put down what pops into your mind…

Things such as…

It gives me more confidence when I am dating
I always have more energy when I am healthier
I like my body better when I am healthier
I’ll be around to enjoy my family longer
I won’t have to worry so much about my health
I won’t have to take those expensive medications
I can slow the aging process down
My children won’t have to worry so much about me
My immune system will be stronger and so will my mind
I can give and receive more love

All of your reasons are valid so write them down. The more honest and bold you are the better. This is your list and no one else has to see it but you.

Are you motivated because getting healthier moves you away from pain and scary scenarios like getting diabetes or possibly having to spend extended time in the hospital? Or maybe the thought of not having to inject insulin daily motivates you?

Write down possibly scenarios for your life if you don’t work at achieving better health. Imagine what it would be like to get sicker…how miserable and unhappy your life would be…and then write it down. Will being overweight cause you to suffer extreme health conditions like knee, or hip replacement? Will you put your body at risk of cancer?

Don’t cheat at your list. Be bold.

When you are finished with this writing exercise, you’ll have a good idea whethe rr your motivation is taking you “towards pleasure” or “away from pain.”

When you study it, you should fee a desire to take action because the negative consequences to being unhealthy that have just been revealed and uncovered are totally unacceptable to you.

If you have been bold and honest with your answers, with your WHYS, you should feel a readiness and willingness to break old bad habits that are keeping you down and making positive changes to your lifestyle.

If for some reason you don’t feel this way when viewing your list then you need to do more work with this exercise and on discovering your WHYS.

Be patient as it could take several attempts to get to the real truth…sometimes days or even weeks…but without knowing the WHYS, you continue on the same path getting the same results you are now.

The goal is change. You can even write yourself a visual picture of what your life will be. Continue to build on this picture until you have a strong sense of purpose towards taking the action steps that will ultimately bring you the results you are looking for.

Keep your WHYS near to you in a small notebook or on a small card that you can easily access morning and night. Remind yourself why you want to get healthier and keep these thoughts foremost in your mind at all times.

Reviewing your WHYS daily will remind you why you need to take action and what the cost will be to you if you don’t.