Prevent Cancer By Keeping Your Immune System Fighting Fit!


If you have seen someone in the terminal stages of cancer, you would know how painful it is to see them resign themselves to the idea that there is no going back. I have been there and it is something I can never forget and would not want anyone to go through. The predominant question the whole world is searching an answer to is, “how to prevent cancer?”

Research points in the direction of poor lifestyle choices. Having been in the field of fitness for many years, I have seen how matter-of-fact many people are about their health. They do not realize that they may be secretly sabotaging their immune system, losing the body’s natural ability to fight off infections.

Central Role Of The Immune System

Our immune system is at the core of our being and knows exactly how to prevent cancer. It constantly works towards warding of cancer and other chronic diseases.

The importance of our immune system cannot be undermined. It produces a variety of antibodies and killer cells that act like guards, protecting us from all dangerous viruses, bacteria and fungi that lead to illness and disease.

Our body develops about one million cancer cells per day, but our immune system destroys them. It is when the immune system loses its ability to destroy these cells as quickly as they are produced that it may lead to cancer. Cancer is a type of disease where cancer cells in the body multiply and they take over completely by harming the healthy cells.

Contributing Factors For Poor Immunity

Let me ask you this: How many times have you shifted places just to avoid “passive” smoke?

Here is a shocking fact for you. Latest research reveals that, “poor diet and lack of exercise” lead to as many cases of cancer as smoking does.

I know that comes as a surprise, but this should give you an idea about where you may be going wrong and about the changes you have to begin making in your life.

Without nutritious, well-balanced food and activity, the immune system loses its ability to guard our body and forgets how to prevent cancer.

We Know, But We Ignore

What saddens me is that many people are aware that a nutritious diet and exercise are essential for good health, but they just don’t make the effort to watch what they eat and to exercise.  When you are young and healthy, the last thing on your mind is how to prevent cancer, and it may not seem worth the effort to watch calories, cut fat and processed foods or move weights around.

A stronger than ever immune system is a necessity in today’s world, where we encounter a million dangerous things out to get us: environmental pollution, busy lifestyles, stress, processed foods, and even the drugs we consume to keep diseases at bay.

Is The Verdict Out On “How To Prevent Cancer?”

Yes, research has shown that it is. We are prone to illness and disease because we have embraced an unnatural lifestyle. A complete lifestyle change is a huge factor that contributes to our long-term health. Fortunately, the power to keep cancer at bay is solely in our hands.

Look around you, there is so much you can do to heal, sustain and protect your body. All you need to do is reach out and drink freely of the abundance that life offers.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and strength training exercises, is all it takes for the proper production and function of hormones, better immunity and a longer life bereft of diseases, especially cancer.