Strength Training Exercises: The Core Ingredient In Preventing Cancer!


We may worry about murders or road accidents, but the big killers are cancer and heart disease. More people are dying from disease than natural aging. The latest mortality rates and data show that people are dying more from cancer than circulatory diseases.

But once upon a time, things were very different. People toiled hard and reaped by the sweat of their brow. Their prized possession was -“HEALTH!”

Those days are long gone and we are now at a stage where we need to create some form of intentional physical activity for preventing cancer and other diseases.

Why This Dramatic Change?

The main function of the human body is physical activity.  It has evolved to use large muscle groups to walk, run, climb and perform a wide range of tasks. Earlier, people had to find food and run when attacked; later they had to divert their energy for farming, building and transport.

With technology came machines that did all the work. People could just sit in big fat chairs and get things done. The 21st century has seen an immense decline in physical activity, leading to lethal diseases.

We have even begun to ignore the importance of physical activity for health.  Consumption of the wrong kind of foods and declining physical activity is leading to obesity, and resulting in increased numbers and types of cancers. There is no organ left unaffected.

Strength Training Exercises Give Us Hope

As out of control as the situation may seem, all is not lost, there is still a gleam of hope! There is proof based on research that nutrition and muscular strength exercises are the harbingers of a disease-free body, leading to the possibility of preventing cancer.

Exercise is the best cancer-proofing mechanism that helps with a million things in the body:

  • It keeps insulin levels under control, and you should know that higher levels of insulin promote cell growth.
  • It is only through exercise that our body releases all the essential hormones and keeps a check on hormone levels. Excessive release of hormones like estrogen and testosterone leads to many types of cancers, and exercise helps maintain the perfect balance.
  • Exercise also releases essential hormone that keep the infection fighting T-cells in the body healthy and strong.
  • Higher intensity exercises increase heart rate, which increases the rate of circulation of the antibodies and killer cells in the body that destroy cancer cells.
  • Exercise does not just help with preventing cancer, but it also helps cancer patients by repairing and restoring the immune system.
  • Exercise relieves stress and helps people make behavioral changes, such as healthy eating and not smoking. It also has a calming effect on cancer patients.

What About Simple Physical Activity?

Even before you ask me, the answer is NO! Walking, running or other similar physical activity does not do the job of preventing cancer. Of course, any physical activity is good for health. But intense strength training exercises are a must for the human body.

Cancer is a deadly killer disease and prolonged intense strength training brings about many positive changes in the body and reduces the risk of cancer.

Muscular strength exercises are now seen as the fundamental means of preventing cancer, and improving overall physical and mental health. The World Health Organization (WHO) has taken up the challenge of bringing back exercise into people’s lives, through reversing the negative trends.

“Nothing is impossible,” not when you have the will to overcome! Cancer too shall pass you by, but the ultimate harbinger of hope for preventing cancer is you.