The “Power of Choice” in Cancer Prevention


cancer reportIt is true that advance treatments for cancer are reducing suffering and saving lives. Unfortunately, despite the many advances in science, cancer will not nor can it be beaten by treatments alone.

“The World Cancer Report” published about once every 5 years involves collaboration between 250 scientists from more than 40 countries. The most recent report released earlier in 2014 reported that in twenty years there will be more than 20 million new cancer cases per year. That’s 20 million per year not all totaled! Cancer is on the rise and the greatest impact is expected to hit low and middle income countries.

Although there are a still a few cancers that are poorly understood such as brain cancer, most of the knowledge we presently have about this disease tells us that nearly all adult cancers are a result of personal choices. In other words…they are the consequence of our lifestyles.

Smoking or excessive exposure to the sun might be two of the most obvious “cancer” choices that people make. But what about all those decisions we make daily around food, drink and exercise that adds up to poor fitness and obese unhealthy bodies?

It’s high time we started taking responsibility for what shows up in our lives rather than sitting back and simply hoping for cures.choice power This places us in “victim” mode and “victim” mode always steals your power away.

You cannot “cure” cancer with the same attitude and lifestyle that caused it in the first place.

The only sure preventive medicine for cancer is to take responsibility and change your lifestyle “choices”. To become “empowered”.

Without taking responsibility for the choices that have already shown up in your life you cannot be empowered to make new choices.

So, the first steps in preventing cancer is to:

Accept responsibility for your actions

Empower yourself to shift your choices to healthy choices

What we need to understand about cancer is that cancer is a mutation of numerous cells within in body. You do not “get” cancer because cancer forms in the body…it does not come from without. It is the result of our body’s system failing to function as it’s supposed to. These mutations are the result of circumstances…most of which we do have control over.

Any one of these things can cause cancer cells to mutate and divide:

Poor, improper nutrition

Physical damage (as in accidents)

Turmoil in our emotions beyond the ordinary

Exposure to toxins, poisons and carcinogens

Genetic disposition (don’t use this as an excuse not to change your lifestyle)

If these things are not arrested and addressed, cancer continues to grow and more tumors show up in the body.

Taking responsibility for our lives is a huge turning point in our defense system. It puts the power of “choice” squarely into our hands. The truth is, people who live active healthy lifestyles have a much better chance of avoiding any type of cancer. These choices can and should begin as early as childhood.

You can prevent nearly all cancers. Buck up, take responsibility and quit trying to blame outside sources.

Only you can make the choices your body needs to live vitally healthy, mentally sharp and physically strong.

Your life truly is “in your hands”.

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