You and Proper Exercise are the Most Powerful Tools Against Cancer


cancer-patients-exerciseOur sedentary lifestyles have caused many people to forget how much physical strength our bodies are actually capable of. Truth is, our bodies are not meant to be dormant…they have been designed to be highly active and vigorous, not dormant.

Although you don’t have to spend a great deal of time doing your exercise program, you do have to put some focused effort into it. Weak muscles don’t get strong on their own…they continue to weaken and your risk of disease increases.

If it does not challenge you, it will not change you.

Just 2-3 focused sessions each week of about 30-40 minutes is all it takes to rebuild, build or maintain body strength. The body strength translates to cancer protection.

Exercise has proven to be a powerful cancer proofing weapon, reducing chronic inflammation (which can trigger cancer growth); keeping estrogen levels low (protecting against all hormone-dependent cancers); strengthening the immune system, helping stop tumor growth by stimulating activity in key enzymes while minimizing the impact of carcinogen (substances and exposures that are known or suspected to cause cancer). In other words…you get plenty of “bang for your buck”.

Researchers are continually working to understand the reasons how and why physical activity not only prevents but fights cancer as well and these are some of their most important findings:

Proper exercise reduces levels of insulin which seems to be one of the main drivers for cancer. It is critical that you keep your insulin levels as low as possible to prevent or treat cancer because it causes cells to divide and grow more quickly. On the other hand, regular exercise creates a low sugar environment (toned muscles gobble it up) that discourages the growth and spread of cancer cells.

Proper exercise triggers the required hormones that keep the T-cells that fight infection strong and healthy. Even if you already have cancer, strength training exercises help repair and rebuild immune systems even after they have been damaged by cancer treatment.

Proper exercise works to rebalance hormones and reduces levels of circulating estrogen and testosterone-two hormones linked with many types of cancers.

Proper exercise helps burn off excess body fat and prevents weight gain, important because being overweight is associated with the occurrence and lower survival rates for many forms of cancer.

Proper exercise when used correctly with the right level of intensity (degree of effort) raises the heart rate speeding the circulation of anti-bodies and killer T-cells around the body to help find and destroy cancer cells.

After a strenuous exercise session, white blood cell counts can be raised anywhere from 50-300 percent triggering a repair and healing mechanism to help restore the immune system after it has been damaged by chemotherapy.

Exercise also helps people fight fatigue associated with cancer treatment and works to relieve stress and calm anxiety helping cancer victims and survivors feel better about themselves and their bodies.

What it all comes down to is you need to be reassured and understand that you can create the health, energy and healing in your own body that no doctor or pill can match by giving it the tools it needs to heal itself and only you hold the key to those controls. 

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