Love Your Mind and Body Now


Between rushing off to work, taking care of family needs, kids and life in general, it is hard to find time to enjoy just being and taking special care of “me” these days. The demands of life continue to be outside of ourselves; we simply don’t take the time to nurture ourselves, our bodies and our minds.

However when you examine how you spend your time, when you examine your daily choices and re-prioritize your life to include the basics that your body and mind require for health and well-being you begin to enjoy life at another level, you begin to life at the fullest.

When you stop for a moment and look at the big picture you suddenly realize that you will be required to spend time with your body one way or another. In other words, you either spend time enjoying it now by nurturing it with the right amount of exercise, diet and sleep or you spend time later fighting off disease that develops when you don’t spend the proper time taking care of your body now!

The decision should be a no-brainer for everyone.

By choosing to act now to take proper care of your body you avoid the hospitals, clinics, and discomfort, pain and rehab places in the future.

Most people simply have it backward. It is much cheaper and more enjoyable to live life by “preventive medicine” than to try and fix the problems later. Hospitals, doctors and mental health clinics are not cheap no matter where you live. And, we have not even mentioned how miserable it feels in all your bodies; physical, mental and emotional when disease has a grasp on you.

Life is hard enough without feeling miserable at the same time.

As you might have guessed exercising is the key to becoming balanced in body, mind and soul. It is well known that exercise results in many physical benefits including weight loss, improved stamina, increase lifespan and better operating systems for all our body parts. It is not as well known that this same exercise program is the key to strengthening your mind; preparing it to accept and overcome the ups and downs; the challenges of life.

When you begin to incorporate a great exercise routine into your daily schedule you’ll enjoy more strength, better fitness, more endurance and stamina. You’ll easily breeze through your daily chores with plenty of energy left over to enjoy your favorite past-time activities. Isn’t that the way life should be lived?

Exercise is your “happy” pill and your “sleeping” pill all wrapped up in one.

You’ll blow off stress and sleep like a stone at night from the demands of your work-out.

Don’t wait for problems to surface before you “love” your mind and body. Love your mind and body now. They are a well-tuned system here to serve you in the moment if you work with them not against them. Give them what they need to flourish and watch your life transform into one of love, beauty, strength and stamina.