Take this 1 minute test and find out how YOU fare on the Cancer Risk Scale!


Hi. My name is Carolyn Hansen, and the very brief but powerful cancer risk test I have put together on this page will help you find out in a few minutes just how vulnerable you are right now to developing some form of cancer in the years ahead.

Wouldn’t you like to know RIGHT NOW if there is an invisible threat hanging over your head?

Most people do not have the faintest clue what their true risk of developing cancer is, but by taking this test you’ll get an immediate answer.

So What IS The Cancer Risk Scale?

Some of the factors that contribute to your cancer risk are well known to everyone, but others are overlooked. This is a shame since a great deal of the risk can be removed simply by changing certain habits that you may not even be aware ARE risk factors.

By identifying these factors and assigning each a rough risk contribution it is possible to come up with a numerical assessment of your likelihood of CONTRACTING some form of cancer.

This is a number in the range 0 through to 10. The higher you are on this scale, the LESS likely you can feel confident of enjoying a healthy life in the years ahead.

I call this your Cancer Risk Scale. You can see a graphical representation of it below.

Minimal cancer risk.

Lowest medical costs.

Least suffering.

Longest life span.

Maximum cancer risk.

Highest medical costs.

Most suffering.

Shortest life span.



Answer 12 simple questions and you will know where you fit onto the scale. Are you ready to find out what your future holds?