The Importance Of Abiding By The Rules For Cancer Prevention!


The food we consume can be one of the unsuspected causes of cancer. Intake of fat and cholesterol laden foods, insufficient consumption of Vitamins A or C, eating processed foods low in natural fiber, eating contaminated foods, introduction of steroids into the body, sedentary lifestyle, high levels of stress, exposure to industrial pollutants and chemicals or over-exposure to X-rays during medical examinations can all lead to cancers.

When you look at what causes cancer, there seems to be no rhyme or reason. Based on years of research, we can conclude that the more obvious reasons, such as diet and exercise score high in the list of possibilities.

The Disease That Comes With A Death Warrant

Diseases other than cancer behave differently. For example, the common cold that is caused by a virus is caused because your immunity cannot successfully fight it. Many other diseases are simply reactions to an intruder in the body, be it a fungus, bacteria, parasite or a virus. But cancer is entirely different. It is a lifestyle disease. It strikes people whose lifestyles are based on consumption of the wrong kinds of foods, exposure to unwanted substances, and lack of exercise.

This may seem harsh and insensitive, but if you consider cancer a living entity, you will see that it is almost as if cancer chooses the ones that have stopped following certain rules and targets them for death.

Why Try To Conquer When You Can Understand The Nature Of The Disease?

While the rules that help with cancer prevention are not mysterious, not out of bounds for us; the problem arises because people have it fixed in their minds that any human affliction can be conquered through the administration of artificial chemicals.

I can tell you that the percentage of people that try to understand the nature of this deadly disease is small. Most cancer patients have a history of a poor lifestyle. But once they are diagnosed with cancer, they suffer more in their desperation to find that elusive “cure.” It is heart-rending to say the least, and we should do everything in our power to change things for us.

The general line of thought is that a chemical palliative is all you need to eradicate the nasty cancer cells, and live happily ever after!

If cancer prevention were based on our cancer cells paying heed to our wishes, we would not be here discussing the causes of cancer or cancer prevention.

Simple Solution – Just Follow The Rules

Sedentary lifestyle is the order of the day. Sitting in front of a computer or at a table for most of the day without any activity, damages the very structure of the body; leading to cancer and other diseases. Adding to this inactivity is the food consumed. A quick bite of a sandwich or a burger at lunch and processed meal for dinner!

What worries me the most is that this culture of improper choices is not restricted to parents; the long-term health of the younger generation is being compromised. Healthy alternatives to “fast food” are taught in schools – a place where the school cafeterias are awash with chips, pizza and nationally branded fast food franchises. We are expected to lead by example and we are not setting any, where health is concerned.

We are a generation of go-getters and no task is beyond us; yet, we choose to ignore that cancer prevention is all about eating right and keeping fit.  The past is gone; the future is unknown, but the present is with us. Why not just follow the rules?