You Can Live A Fully Functional Life


no cancerAn important health goal that we should all be focusing on is to increase the span of living a healthy, fully functional life for as along as possible and that means avoiding disease such as Cancer.

It’s not secret that proper exercise is one of the main contributors towards this goal. In fact, it is not only a main contributor, but it is crucial to warding off ‘old age’. Bottom line is, lifestyle habits that include proper exercising and nutrition can either speed up or reverse disease and aging.

There are two choices in life for all of us. We can either take active roles in our health care or we can become static on our lives. No matter what age we are, it is never too late to make positive changes and reclaim great health.

The first change you need to address is proper exercise. A proper exercise program that is mostly structured around strength training. If you are looking to rebuild lost muscle tissue and stimulate ‘youth’ hormones that keep cells and tissues renews and rejuvenated then strength training is the key.

You need to reprogram your mind to think of your exercise program as fitness medicine which prevents loss of physical function by keeping the human body strong like it was meant to be; it is both healing and preventive medicine.

The human body was not designed weak. It is a powerful, fine tuned mechanism when in good health. The human body was designed to heal itself. We need to stop draining our energy and begin acting in ways that gain energy so that we give our immune system all the help it needs to protect us against diseases such as Cancer.

When disease comes knocking at your doors you should sit up and take notice as the message it is delivering is important. Your body is telling you that it lacks something…or possibly more than one thing that it needs to fight off this disease.

Cancer acts as a collecting agent…it is  a stern warning to you that your body is out of whack.

A healthy immune system is full of energy and has all the resources readily available for it to perform its job in a perfect manner taking care of infections, viruses, cancer cells and any other disease that may surface.

Main stream solutions are not working to stave off disease. Obeying the basic laws of nature is what we need to be doing.

Our lifestyle choices/habits dictate our health and wellness of tomorrow. 

Developing a regular, dedicated strength training program along with a focus on eating natural foods and disposing of all the poisenous fillers and preservatives that lace the super-market shelves is the best way to get your immune system functioning at full speed, protecting you against diseases such as Cancer, heart disease and diabetes. These diseases lurk silently in the shadows waiting until we weaken enough from not keeping our bodies strong to strike and do their damage.

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