Stress Causes Disease; Stress Causes Cancer


WideModern_OlderFitness_070113620x413Stress, we all deal with it. Life with its ups and downs is a stress generator and those that have not developed healthy ways of dealing with stress end up keeping it internalized. Unfortunately the body is the one that clues you in; that eventually manifests the signs and signals that stress has had its way; that something is terribly wrong internally.

It’s called disease and stress is responsible for a large percentage of disease everywhere around us. It has a direct impact on inflammation in the human body, which in turn underlies many of the chronic diseases that kill people prematurely every day.

Disease begins in the mind and manifests in the body.

Finding a way to unplug from our busy routines and demands of work, school and family is crucial in order to remain healthy and productive and to ward off stress related diseases like Cancer.

We’ve spent days, months, years, decades and billions of dollars in search for a cure to cancer. We’ve done everything but line ourselves up with the basic laws of nature. We keep focusing on the effect of Cancer in our bodies rather than addressing the cause which begins in our minds.

Chronic stress, whether physical or mental in nature is an immune killer whereas happiness, laughter and strong social networks prove to boost our immunity and protect us against disease.

Nearly every ailment and illness that is either directly caused or made worse by stress includes but is not limited to:

• Depression, anxiety and moodiness
• Immune dysfunction
• Weight gain or loss
• Heart disease
• Sleep problems
• Stomach and digestive problems
• Headaches and back pain

What’s the solution to this ever present on-going body and mind killing illness?

How do we deal with life’s stressful moments without internalizing this energy and out manifesting it as Cancer or some other dreaded disease?

There are three key elements to a successful stress busting formula and all three must be addressed if we are to experience true success:

• exercise
• nutrition
• sleep

You must be proactive in your lifestyle to minimize the risk of developing cancer as well as other diseases. Movement and exercise are integral to fitness and minimizing disease. If living a disease free life, being slim, full of endurance and abundant energy is important to you, finding the time to eat and exercise properly will be high priorities.

What excuses do you currently use to avoid exercising? Not convenient, too hard, not enough time? Imagine your life suddenly taken up by doctors, tests, drugs, treatments and hospitals, surgery, worry, and fear? Would you have enough time then? Would your body merit the focus it should have had years before?

Are you going to wait until your body manifests disease such as cancer before you address your stress levels? I guarantee you’ll find time to address your health then.