Losing Weight is a Mind Game


mind over bodyFor the most part, people who are overweight and experience poor health would love to get healthy and lose the extra pounds and many try and fail repeatedly.

Why does this happen? Somewhere in their “inner” mind programming are old tired ideas, beliefs and inner resistance about lifestyle choices like healthy eating and exercise often built up and ingrained over a long period of time.

Rather than seeing a strong, fit, slim, healthy body as a positive exciting possibility they see it as a source of sacrifice, commitment and effort.

They don’t believe in themselves.

Their beliefs tell them that they lack self-discipline and motivation necessary to stick to a healthy eating plan and getting their butt into the gym a couple of times a week.

To be able to lose weight and improve your health, you do need positive feelings, thoughts and beliefs where a healthier lifestyle that incudes healthy foods and more physical activity becomes core to your needs. You need the full support of your mind and your inner programming.

The first step to getting a positive change on your “outer” body is to have your mind lead the way. If you don’t spend time making sure this is in place, you may find that your mind is actually working against you rather than for you.

Faulty wiring caused problems in our homes…faulty programming caused problems in your mind…which results in problems with your body. If you have faulty programs in place running your mind, there is nothing but struggle and resistance with food and exercise issues…resulting in overweight bodies.

If you have become overweight and tired, you need to kick things up a notch or two. Things like higher levels of self-esteem and self-worth which when activated create higher levels of self-motivation. You will want to take the healthy body and life actions you already know about to help you achieve what you want most-that strong, fit, slim, healthy, feel-good body.

When you arrive at this “place”, your excess fat just melts away…it is easy and effortless. When your mind is in order, when it is working with you and not against you, better food choices are automatic and exercise becomes enjoyable…not something to dread.

You eliminate the battle with yourself. Your action steps…healthy eating and proper exercise go beyond something “YOU DO”, rather they are something “YOU BECOME”.

If your wish is to lose weight permanently…to keep it off, don’t run to the latest diet or exercise fad regime thinking it will solve your problems. Action steps without the proper mind programming does not work.

The outer is not the problem. Your overweight body is a symptom of what is going on inside, of the real problem.

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