Getting Grounded to Prevent Disease


For most of human evolutionary history, our continuous contact with the ground provided a beneficial flow of electrons that travelled from the earth to our bodies. Our ancestors walked barefoot and slept on the ground, oblivious to the earth’s subtle electrical signals that helped regulate their bodies’ intricate mechanisms.

But somewhere in our evolution, we stopped connecting with the earth’s primordial healing energy. And now, in our modern civilization with heavily-insulated buildings, cars, airplanes, and rubber or plastic-soled shoes, we’ve distanced ourselves from the earth.

A growing body of research is showing that this lack of contact with the earth may be resulting in the aches and pains, fatigue, poor sleep and stress that many of us experience. Reconnecting ourselves back to the earth could be a solution for the cause of most of our common modern diseases – chronic inflammation.


Grounding is the Answer

Grounding (or “Earthing,” as it is sometimes called) is a simple yet powerful therapy that involves reconnecting to the earth’s gentle, negatively-charged surface. This results in the restoration of the body’s natural electrical balance.

How is this therapy accomplished? It’s as simple as the ground beneath your feet! Do you live near a rural area with open fields, woods or mountains? Then simply take off your shoes and walk barefoot. Or, place your hands on some grass, sand, dirt or concrete (especially when humid or wet). While the nerve endings in your feet make ideal conductors of the earth’s abundant health-building electrons, you can also get grounded by sitting or lying down on the earth.


What’s So “Healing” About the Earth?

Your body’s natural electrical stability is influenced by the electricity in the environment, which can affect your health for better or worse. The earth’s electromagnetic layer protects your bioelectrical circuitry from static electrical charges and interference. The earth also protects you from excessive free-radical activity in your body.

What are free radicals? They are molecules produced naturally in your body, but they’re also produced when your body is subjected to toxic environmental exposures. Free radicals are very unstable. They increase their stability by bonding to healthy molecules or cells, causing great harm to healthy tissue – even promoting the development of cancer.

But the earth’s surface is abundant with negatively-charged free electrons that have anti-oxidant effects. These free electrons can help neutralize free radicals, helping to protect you from inflammation and its many well-documented health consequences.


Get Out There!

By restoring your body’s natural electrical stability and rhythms, getting grounded can help you improve your cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, nervous, and immune system functions, while even restoring your body’s natural healing potential.

Grounding may be one of the most important overlooked factors in public health. Many people report significant improvement in a wide range of ailments. And these improvements are fast – often occurring within 30 minutes.

Although grounding is not a cure for any disease, it’s certain that the human body evolved in contact with the earth and therefore needs to maintain this contact to function properly. When you provide your body a constant source of free electrons, you help radically reduce inflammation – which is a primary factor contributing to chronic disease.