immune system

At Risk for Cancer?

bdySection3TumorGraphicMost cancers can be prevented. When a person has cancer it usually indicates that there are nutritional deficiencies at work. These could be due to environmental, food, genetic and even lifestyle factors.

Most people don’t realize it but everyone has cancer cells already in his or her body. These cancer cells are not detectable or known until their numbers have multiplied into billions.

It’s scary but true that cancer cells actually reach detectable levels anywhere from 6-10 times during their lifetimes. However, if a person’s immune system is at the healthy and strong level it should be then these cancer cells will be destroyed as well as prevented from multiplying and forming new tumors. Continue reading

A Healthy Immune System is Your Ticket to Avoiding Disease

don't eat cancerAlthough we tend to think of cancer as a mysterious genetic puzzle, truth is, cancer is a “lifestyle” disease we give to ourselves.

Poor lifestyle choices weaken our defenses against diseases like cancer. The food we eat, the substances we are exposed to and our level of physical activity impact the body’s production and function of hormones, inflammatory substances and immune factors that have the power to promote or prevent cancer.

In normal healthy circumstances, our bodies with their natural defenses find and destroy cancer cells. It is only when these cells grow faster than the body’s ability to destroy them and they grow out of control that deadly tumors are formed. Continue reading