Your Body and Mind Operate as One Unit


The-body-mind-connectionAlthough we experience health through our bodies, our health is actually intimately connected to what’s going on in our minds.

Modern science is quickly connecting the truth that our emotions effect our bodies. They work as one unit.

We actually experience emotions such as anger, fear, sadness and stress as unpleasant bodily symptoms, however most of the time our minds are so busy and off somewhere in our past or future thoughts that we are not paying attention when our bodies alert us to these symptoms. In other words, we don’t recognize the connection because we are not listening.

But, that doesn’t make it any less real. Although it seems like a new discovery, the mind-body connection is actually not new at all having originated more than 4,000 years ago when doctors and physicians in China made the connection and noticed their patients experiencing illness following periods of frustration and intense emotion.

Poor emotional health leads to a weakened immune system. A weakened immune system eventually opens the door to infection and disease. Truth is, chronic stress induces emotional responses that actually not only make us sick but make us fat.

When our emotional health is out of balance we may can experience one or more of these symptoms: (this is just the short list)

Change in appetite



Stiff neck

Upset stomach


Weight loss or weight gain

High blood pressure

Dry mouth


Chest pain

Back pain

Digestive problems like constipation and diarrhea

 Consistently experienced over an extended length of time chronic and emotional stress can:

Destroy our healthy immune system and open the door to disease such as cancer, infections and illness.

Exacerbate the ever growing disease of diabetes

Deposit cholesterol in our blood vessels

Retain excess salt in our bodies

Promote fat storage

Cause conditions like sexual dysfunction and infertility

Increase blood pressure and accelerate heart rate which in turn thickens blood making it clot easier and putting you more at risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

When we are stressed, anxious or upset we generally don’t take care of our health the way we should. We don’t exercise or eat nutritionally (for many people, emotions trigger “junk food eating”) when we’re wrapped up in our emotions and we tend to abuse things like alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

If you truly want to experience long-term health and vitality, you need to flex the muscles in your mind as well as your body and the best way to do that is with physical exercise and some form of meditation.

It only takes 20 minutes of physical activity daily to make a huge difference in your mental state of well-being. A nice long walk does wonders for the mind (this should never be a substitute for the resistance training/strength training you should be doing to increase your muscle tissue and your health). If you are strength training on a consistent basis you only need to add additional exercise on days you feel stressed or emotionally drained.

Choosing some form of relaxation method like meditation will also help to calm and bring your emotions into balance. Yoga is a wonderful tool for the mind. Learning to breathe correctly and deeply using a “breath meditation” also helps tremendously.

Doing some form of exercise, getting the proper amount of sleep and daily meditation helps to relieve pent-up tension keeping our thoughts healthy and positive.

You simply cannot expect to have a healthy balanced body if your mind is full of negativity and constantly entertaining stress. They work as a team. Keep your mind relaxed and as stress free as possible and watch the physical health of your body improve.

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