How To Prevent Cancer With Vegetable Juice


How much money would you pay for a prescription drug that cleanses, energizes, detoxifies, builds, and rejuvenates your system? If your answer is “no money at all,” then you’ve answered well! No drug exists that can do all these things for your health – but vegetables can.
Vegetables do wonders for the prevention of cancer. They supply your system with the precious nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, protein and fats that cancer-proof your body and boost your vitality. But how do you consume enough vegetables to reap these benefits, since you probably struggle to get the recommended daily two to three cups as it is? The answer is simple: juicing!

Vegetable juices can be easily prepared using a wide variety of produce. They taste amazing, and your body will revel in an instant nutrient boost that will promote cleansing and healing. If you’re new to juicing, here’s some basic information to get you started.


How much time does juicing take?

Some might consider juicing to be a time-consuming process (between washing your vegetables, cutting them up, and cleaning your juicer afterwards,) but it’s not unreasonable considering the importance of cancer prevention. Once you start doing it, it will become part of your habitual routine instead of being burdensome.


Which vegetables should I use?

As many as you can! You want to juice vegetables of every color, rotating the different kinds to extract a

diverse range of cancer-fighting nutrients.


What juicer should I buy?

Buy the highest-quality juicer you can afford. The better the quality, the longer it will last. Plus, a better quality juicer will produce better quality juice by not heating it. (When lower quality juicers heat the juice, healthy enzymes are destroyed.)


What kind of preparation has to be done to the vegetables?

Not much. Use a solution of 10 percent white vinegar to 90 percent water, which will remove pesticides from your produce. Simply soak the produce, swishing it around in the solution. Then rinse the vegetables in water and gently dry them.


Can I make enough juice for several days?

Absolutely. The ideal situation would be to make your juice fresh every day, but you can also make enough for a few days and refrigerate it. Put your juice in small glass jars that hold enough for one serving. Make sure they have airtight lids, and that they’re filled to the very top. (Filling them this high ensures there’s a minimum amount of oxygen in the jar, reducing the chance of oxidization that can damage the juice.)


What about canned vegetable juice?

The problem with canned juices is that they’re “dead” juices, meaning that their enzymes are dead. Juice that you prepare by using fresh vegetables is “living” juice. Living juice helps your body prevent cancer far better than dead juice does.


Your health is an investment.

Building your immune system to effectively prevent cancer is a way of life. Are you willing to live it? If so, you can’t be discouraged by the small time investment involved in activities like juicing.

Motivate yourself to do what it takes to live a long, healthy life! Imagine yourself 10, 20, and even 30 years from now. Who will that person be? Happy, vibrant, and active? An enjoyable, cancer-free future is possible if you invest in healthy lifestyle choices right now. Start by juicing! And start today.