Creating a Mood and Attitude Plan for the Prevention of Cancer

no to cancerEverybody likes to be in a good mood. And, as it turns out, positive emotions aren’t just strong medicine for the soul – they’re good for your physical well-being, too!

Scientists have discovered that your every thought, emotion, and experience influences your health. Emotions such as happiness and optimism tend to boost immune-system function, while sadness and pessimism suppress it. Continue reading

Cancer Prevention and Your Health Bank Account

You already know what makes a bank account unhealthy: too much spending, not enough income, or both. But have you ever thought about your physical health in these terms?

In a very real sense, you were born with a certain amount of credit in your health’s bank account. Over the years of your life, you lose “credit” through unhealthy eating, a lack of proper exercise, sleep deprivation, and the many other stresses your body endures. As you make harmful lifestyle choices, you’re borrowing against your future. And after too much of this borrowing, cancer becomes a likely reality.

Why think of your health in terms of an “account?” Because it will help you become more resolved to make frequent deposits… Continue reading

Five Ways Exercise Helps You Prevent Cancer

You’ve heard it a million times: exercise is good for you. You know that it can improve your quality of living, your appearance, and even your mood. And you certainly already know that a healthy lifestyle with frequent exercising will help you fight illnesses and enrich your body with prevention for cancer. But do you know how?


Exercise Changes Everything: Out With The Bad, In With The Good

When you exercise properly (i.e., in a way that trains your muscles,) your body increases the things that fight cancer while ridding itself of things that promote cancer. Here’s what the research suggests:


1. OUT with high insulin levels

Did you know that proper exercise reduces the levels of insulin… Continue reading