Mental Preparedness: A Prerequisite To Lifestyle Changes For Cancer Prevention!


The mind and body relationship is special and has elicited many a discussion on how two things so completely diverse in nature interact so well together.

We use the expression, “I am sick with worry” often, without realizing that it holds a lot of meaning. Worry can actually make a person physically sick.

Mind is the master of our body! Physical health depends to a large extent on mental attitudes. It is your thoughts and feelings that influence the body through the nervous and circulatory systems. Countless research studies have validated that a diseased emotional condition such as negativity or stress, undermine the body tone, leaving it open to lethal diseases like cancer.

Forget about the research, how many times have you felt unable to perform physically when your mind was troubled? It happens to all of us at some time or the other.

Just as mental training and preparation are essential for endurance athletes; positivity and mental preparedness are crucial in your journey of cancer prevention.

For you to be able to successfully adopt healthy cancer prevention lifestyle of nutritious diet and exercise, your mind must first be convinced to accept the change without a doubt.

Positive Emotional State

How do you get your mind to accept your new lifestyle changes? It’s a vicious cycle or should I call it intriguing? For you to be able to follow through with a cancer prevention diet and exercise, you need a positive attitude, and this positivity can be achieved through exercise.

Exercise decreases fatigue and increases energy. Indulge in exercises, both for the mind and the body.

Reading, listening to music, playing games, solving puzzles and anything that requires concentration is great for the mind.

Combating Stress

Stress is your worst enemy and contributes majorly to hindering your progress towards cancer prevention. It not only impacts the brain but also affects the body, muscles and immune system, reducing the body’s ability to fight disease.

Strength training proves invaluable and results in weight loss, increased stamina, mental wellbeing, long lifespan and improves all bodily functions. And exercising the different muscle groups can prove to be highly effective in keeping even a dreaded disease like cancer away.

Since strength training doesn’t involve spending hours on end exercising, devote just a few hours every week. Trust me when I say that the benefits achieved through strength training cannot be duplicated by any other form of exercise.

Avoid The On and Off Pattern

Some people can never stick to a proper diet and exercise pattern. They go all out to follow a plan for a week and then revert to their previous routine.  They overdo things so much that they cannot keep up with the pace.

You may be able to handle this better if you remind yourself that what you are doing is crucial for cancer prevention. Start by taking small steps and increase gradually until you reach your goal of making it a lifestyle change. May be you can just start with one strength training session per week and perhaps eat just one or two completely healthy and unprocessed meals a week.

Once you start seeing results and feel good about it; you will automatically want to take it to the next level, and with time, your mind will get used to a healthy lifestyle. Your weight will soon reduce and you will feel stronger from your strength training exercises.

These results will help develop positivity towards nutritious diet and strength training exercises. Things are bound to change for the better.

Your productivity increases multifold when you are happy and healthy. We all have our own problems and stressful situations to handle. But does that mean we allow ourselves to disintegrate and let illness and deadly diseases like cancer take control of our lives?