Wellness, Prevention and Integrated Medicine…


healthyXsignWithout a doubt, “wellness” is a personal term that relates to a person’s state of good health, physically, mentally and emotionally and of being free of…and not at risk for…disease of any kind.

Wellness is not a new term, yet there is a definite shift towards a brighter “awareness, “ there is a new day dawning as more and more people demand better services and products to improve and increase their personal wellness.

Truth is, people are no longer satisfied to linger in the background and wait for “nature to take its course” as their ancient and even “recent” relatives might have been. They are no longer content to sit back and allow their “structure to crumble.”

They are proactively participating in steering their own ship into exciting new harbors and igniting new goals in order to stay active and healthier…stronger and more energetic.

All of this reduces the risk of disease and slows the aging process.

Wellness is a most worthy goal and needs to be nurtured with a positive attitude towards preventative self-care.

It is something obtained through personal effort towards self-improvement and self-control and something lost through ignorant ignoring.

It is something you earn that you feel good about…literally!

Let’s face it, sickness happens…just as water flows through the area of least resistance so too does sickness flow to those with least resistance.

The old adage “it’s in the air” is as true as it gets. Sickness is all around us, but it does not have to be yours if you build up your resistance.

Reach for wellness…imagine yourself balanced in body, mind and emotion. Imagine yourself in control rather than at mercy of the forces around you and then take control by active measures. Follow up on your visions and create your reality by taking action.

Join a gym. Participate in a new class, get active both mentally and physically. Start resistance training of some sort. Start sending your muscles the right messages….positive affirmative messages that relay a “need”…to be alive. Give them what they need in daily exercise and daily rest. Feed them properly and watch them transform your life with their living power.

Balance healthy eating with proper exercise and find a doctor that resonates with you and believes in and practices “preventive medicine” one that’s balanced with the wisdom they’ve gained through conventional medicine. This is a dynamic combination called “Integrated Medicine.” It gives you the best of both worlds…it is the way forward in the future.

Don’t play by the “old rules” and wait to treat issues as they happen, adopt the new “preventive approach” one that prescribes wellness through exercise, healthy eating and pro-active living now.

Be pro-active. Once you discover that you do indeed have control, you continue to take control and know that you have the power to change and create a lifestyle that promotes health and well-being rather than living one that destroys health and steals your life-force and ultimately your life.

This new one is one in which you eat, think and live differently. It reflects the new you…one who is now in control and aimed at prevention rather than cure.

It’s time we take heed of the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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