Don’t Use Disease as an Excuse…


balanceDo you view disease as an obstacle to your physical activity? Is it your handy “way-out” when you need an excuse not to exercise?

The last thing you think about doing when sick or not feeling well is starting a workout routine and yet this is the one thing that stands to have a hugely positive impact on not only your physical well-being, but on your mental and emotional well-being as well.

If you are presently hampered with health issues and you’re not including regular strength training exercises in your weekly routines, you are missing out on some serious assistance to getting your health back on track both long-term and short-term.

A strong fit body fights disease off better and is also able to lessen the conditions of any present illness or disease.

Truth is, the symptoms of many diseases and sicknesses respond well to a proper exercise program. Proper strength training activity improves everyday physical performance making you feel better and more in control of the situation.

Let’s face it, the stronger your body is, the more you are able to carry out day to day activities without disability issues.

Whether you are currently healthy or your health is presently challenged, the benefits of regular workouts are the same:

Increase in over-all body strength

Detoxification via increased blood circulation

Increased improvement of the functioning of the heart/lung system

Improved oxygen uptake throughout all systems within the body

Better endurance and stamina

Your body won’t be the only thing benefiting. Your mind and emotions benefit too and often the mind and emotional effects of disease treatments can be as bad and demoralizing as the physical effects are.

Reduced stress and anxiety (a feeling of control)

The ability to relax and experience better sleep

Increased self-confidence and independence

Elevated moods and happier states of mind

Strength training slows muscle loss that is experienced with age as it builds and strengthens muscles and connective tissues and at the same time increases bone density. It also helps ease arthritis pain, improves blood-sugar controls, helps improve balance and the likelihood of falls, improves quality of sleep, reduces stress and balances mental health.

A healthy metabolism that burns calories long after your workout is finished is an added bonus as is looking fitter, trimmer and shapelier.

If working out is new to you then consult a fitness professional who can create the perfect program designed specifically for your physical needs.

Don’t sit back and allow your disease to be an obstacle to exercise…shift your perception and view it as the most valid reason why you should be exercising. It’s the open door way to building the skills needed to manage your health and live a happier and more productive life.

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