Happiness and Health are Linked


postiveXattituteXandXhealthThe proof is in…people who are happier with their daily lives produce healthier levels of key chemicals than those who aren’t.

Studies have proven that managing emotions is a huge boost to the immune system. And without a doubt, fighting cancer requires a fine-tuned, empowered immune system.

Kelly Turner, Ph.D. author of “Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds” performed studies on radical-remission survivors (people who survived cancer against all odds).

Out of nine healing factors they all had in common, three of them were directly connected to their emotions:

Releasing suppressed emotions

Increasing positive emotions

Embracing social support

Not surprisingly, moods are connected to our master glands and the hormones released by those master glands. Our master glands are powerful tools the body uses to self-produce its own arsenal of drugs; dopamine, serotonin, relaxin and oxytocin. These are released into your blood stream where they send signals to the body to produce more immune cells.

Just the simple act of enjoying a heartfelt laugh or genuine happiness for five minutes boosts levels of white blood cells, the body’s line of defense. How powerful is that? The simple act of random kindness helps to keep you healthy.

On the flip side, experiencing emotions like stress, fear and anger relay signals to the master glands to release powerful hormones that include cortisol, epinephrine, and adrenaline. The signals our bodies receive in this condition is the “fight or flee” urge rather than rest and repair. This in turn ends up raising blood pressure.

This “double-duty” by the master glands essentially puts you in control though because only you have the power to direct and control your emotional state which in the end directs signals to the your master glands on what hormones to release, those that increase happiness and give a boost to the immune system or those that cause the “flight or fight” mode to kick in.

Happy people are healthier. They have healthier cardiovascular systems and stronger hearts with less risk of diseases like diabetes.

The old adage “laughter is the best medicine” is powerfully true! Whether people are happy or not happy in their daily lives has proven to be serious marker on biological functions that are associated with disease.

Studies performed on 216 middle-ages men and women living in London, UK revealed that “The happier you were, the lower your cortisol levels during the day” and further more “for men, but not women, the happier you were the lower your average heart rate was.”

Cortisol is one of the stress hormones that are released from our master glands. It has been linked with conditions such as hypertension and type II diabetes.

It’s time to start focusing more on the positive effects that “happy” states produce and give less attention to destructive emotions like anger and depression.

It’s way too easy to get caught up in our busy lives and forget to address those things that truly make is happy and those are the things that we should be addressing because they provide optimum health benefits.

A person’s health is one of the strongest predictors of happiness in someone’s life and exercise is one of the best tools you can use to keep you healthy. Whether weight training, yoga, running or some other challenging exercise, increasing activity in your daily life increases your health and well-being as well.

Bottom line is this: there is no magical or mysterious formula that can make you happy. Happiness is personal. It is a journey we take daily and the best thing we can do for ourselves is to spend more time doing what we love to do.

You cannot expect to have a healthy balanced body if your mind is full of negativity and constantly stressed. Both the mind and the body work as a team. Keep your mind relaxed and as stress free as possible…feel genuine happiness as often as you can and watch the physical health of your body improve.

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